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Community Comments

If you want change than change the political party

L – Armistead Gardens

Vote republican

Kim – Charles Village

Everyone in Baltimore City government offices need to be removed. Mosby is a Stupid Dumb Ass for wanting to Prosecute Federal Agents. What a friggen moron She is. Who wants a friggen idiot making decisions.

Jan – Glen

Vote and volunteer

Tannica – Hamilton Hills

I think Maryland should approve the gun law for law abiding, tax paying citizens, like business owners mainly, make them take classes and complete a background check along with a psychological evaluation . Maryland is really the South(borderline-Mason Dixon) so I believe some of these rules for people to be allowed to defend themselves against the “criminals” should apply. I also do not agree with tax payers paying for murderers, rapist and other high risk criminals to be sheltered in jails, get 3 meals a day or allow them to educate themselves after committing such horrible, offensive crimes against citizens, good people who just want to live in peace and harmony. Living a regular “normal” life no longer exist, children are not allowed to be children, in my error of growing up, enjoying eating an ice-cream on my porch, neighbors having cookouts together, cutting one another lawn, looking out for others in the neighbors children, speaking to your neighbor, finding security and sanction in law enforcement officers ‘What has happened to people?” Are we so far gone and mentally divided that we are being punished by our own foolish ways of living, shame on us!! This all has to stop, or the world we see ” We will destroy Us” No one else. So the question is not ” What are you going to do?” What are “WE” going to do?”

erica – Care

Keep fighting for my community where I live and voting. Being aware, responsible and taking action are the foundation of change! We need to better our children and families as a unit-a team! Support our Police!!

Jeseka – Overlea

I have to continue to believe in the voting process. Most citizens failed to hold local officials accountable. I believe consistency at the poles, and continue to voice my opinion will get reed of the corrupt politicians. Full transparency will be required.

Clarence – Belair-Parkside

Baltimore leadership is worried about political correctness as opposed to real change. They are crooked and self serving.

Talien – Hampden

I am buying a gun to protect myself.

Phil – Inner Harbor

I will not vote for none of the people that is running for Public Office. All of them has been in City Hall for years, we the people need someone that has been through different experiences here in Baltimore City. Police are not doing there job, you cannot trust them, and we need a serious change.

Donnell – Belair-Edison

Fight for equality for Black and brown people

Joe – Patterson Park Neighborhood

No continue to vote the same people that has been in office for centuries. I soon may be leaving Baltimore to go to a much more Conservative city. I have worked in Local Government for over 30 years and know how the games are played and being on the other side I no longer want to be a part of it. Feel free to contact me to ask me what I am doing personally within my family. I am the backbone of my family and I am helping them and we are helping each other daily.

Lyque – Brewers Hill

VOTE..and ppl did change. A convicted felon can do a 360 in their life. Depends in what they did. I don’t trust ppl that steal from poor ppl or ppl that play crazy while they are lining their pockets from books that nobody has read 😷

Krissy – Reisterstown Station

Hope for better training for the BPD hope that the mayor gives us positive change and work to send my children to a better school environment

Demond – Park Circle

Go to more City Council meeting and Community Meetings to ask questions and hold the city leaders accountable. Research all the candidates and vote in every election. Try to get my neighbors on board with keeping our community safe and keeping an eye out for issues which could become problematic. Make sure to continue to instill morals and respect into my child so that he can be an asset to the community.

Kianah – Cedmont

Election of people who will be community service workers and fix this mess

Alonzo – Downtown

Well I didn’t vote for Dixon and I’m very disappointed that she’s in the lead! How can a change be made if a convicted criminal is voted back in? She stole from the poor. It’s ludicrous!

Patricia – Brooklyn

keep fighting for my community by keeping my neighborhood safe and crimed watched.

James – South Baltimore

Where is the 16 Billion dollars that Cummings stole? Liberal/ Democratic leader has failed us! I will be voting Republican.

J P – Lauraville

I would trust a convicted felon over what leaders are here now. I’m a recovering addict and the ones broken addicted or just a felon . they have more heart in our community then our leaders now.

Kristi – Dunbar-Broadway

Despite the news reports, it appears that hands are still dipping into the budget for personal gain. Crime is worse than ever, the state still refuses to declare a state of emergency in this city, dirt bikes ride without consequence yet the average citizen is stopped by the police for a headlight that has malfunctioned. Harassent and retaliation are real in this city and there is police involvement.Baltimore is hiring just about anyone to fill positions in the city. I do not foresee a positive change no matter who becomes mayor. Baltimore is “The Wild West” and there is no protection for decent law abiding citizen. Poor school ratings, crime and low home ownership have greatly decreased property value in homes that have amazing architecture. I’m not selling but, Baltimore will get one more rental property. I am tired of fighting for a positive change and having to fight a city with its own demented plans that are destroying the remaining well organized communities. Relocation is LONGGGG overdue. 😐

Tracy – Evergreen

I continue to support education by fighting for the rights of my students and families and by making noise at our local school. I am a voice in my school as a teacher leader and work to make change at that level DAILY. I am currently working on a private school venture in an attempt to at least give our youngest kids a decent start, because we are not doing that for our children. I am not for privatization or government control, but this shit has got to stop. I have written letters to local officials and continue to vote and stay abreast of campaign “promises”. I have given thought to looking into BOE positions as well as simply abandoning Baltimore, but teaching is my passion and Baltimore is my home. I did my undergraduate and graduate work at Towson and requested a tough school placement so I could make a difference. With an advanced degree, community accolades, teaching awards and more, the school climate continues to deteriorate and keeping my family safe has to stay a top priority. How do I keep myself and my family safe AND fight for equity in the school system?

Fran – Washington Village / Pigtown

Get a gun and protect my family

Too – Coppin Heights / Ash-Co-East

I moved, I no longer live in the city but my family still does. I encourage them to be educated and vote. I no longer go into the city for dinner or entertainment, I miss it. I miss Baltimore.

Vanessa – Overlea

Be very careful when voting.

Swantiner – West Hills

We need to stop just thinking about certain people and think about everyone. I feel like they do more when a cop get shot than they do when a resident of the city gets shot. Treat us all the same no matter who we are. No one should be more important than anyone. I believe we need to put someone in there that has experience what we go through and we need to go back to it takes a village to raise a child.

Latisha – Carrollton Ridge

I believe that Baltimore City children can thrive in Baltimore City schools with the right resources. That is why I believe that the BluePrint4Maryland is greatly needed. I believe that some ex-offenders need a way to get to be productive. I think that Baltimore City needs to find ways to help ex-offenders post conviction and no one is doing that. Throw these ex-offenders away like they mean nothing will only lead them back to crime.

Niesha – Downtown West

I will not vote for Thiru. He put innocent kids in jail.

Larhonda – Broadway East

I don’t understand why you have Sheila Dixon on TV practically everyday talking about crime – SHE’S A CRIMINAL !! She is part of the problem. I also think the Counties are are being taxed without representation by using County Tax dollars for Baltimore city schools – IT’S ILLEGAL – and should have been put on a ballot. Who signed off on this ?? Where is Fox 45 investigators on this issue ?? The BC school administration needs to be dissolved and the State take over !!

David – Canton Industrial Area

i will vote for new leaders, i also would like to know, what the would do for the low income people who lives in the lower part of Pigtown Washington Village. Because I feel if we lived on the one part of Pigtown, on one side of Cross st. and down by the Ravens Stadium, gets the help they need to fix up their house, their property, and the front of their house looks nice, but if you come on the other side of Cross st, you will see vacated houses, or board up windows, windows falling apart, doors falling in, empty corner stores, trash on the streets, they wont come down to our area, to see if we need help with something, the also have a bulk trucks come in the good area helping them to clean up neighbor hoods. we don’t get that, i feel they should come to our area and offer help to help low income help where they feel like they need help. i know a person fighting to save their house from the mortgage company, because it was left to them in a will, but they can not get it switched toi the name, and being low income, they don’t want to help them. plus we don’t even know who is our consoil members are. can you help

ELIZABETH – New Southwest / Mount Clare

Vote in a non political candidates. Advocate for parents to be responsible for their children’s behavior – Those government employees not doing their job be removed without pay – in the private sector those not doing what’s expected of them get replace by some that can. – More authority given to police – Build more prisons and no early out for good behavior rather if there isn’t good behavior, time to be added to their sentence.

Joseph – Evesham Park

My taxes continue to increase, my neighborhood has an exponential increase in crime. I have been a resident of the City for 20+ years, and see absolutely no vision of the future by our political leaders. If the ship does not change direction, I will probably look to sell my house and leave the City. That is truly unfortunate, as my wife and I are true supporters of a City life, but see no vision of a positive future.

Kevin – Mount Washington

Brandon Scott,Mayor Young,JoanPratt,Sheila Dixion Ex Mayor Pugh and the sitting council knew what was going in Baltimore no one attempt to do anything Joan Pratt has been in so many investigations about money waste giving contracts not to person who bid but to person to whom she knew l watch the young woman who said we are at war in Baltimore and its the truth l see drug dealers on the corner and a block up a police car with a young office on the same street looking at his cell phone No one is held accountable not the dealer not the officer not the government not the schools not the kids

James – Mosher

Like my voice to be heard. I want to be allowed to speak my truth, tell the humans who are running this city my concerns

Debbie – Moravia-Walther

We need someone that’s going to come in help “US” , people like me with felonies , update the policies because we did our time and should be treated like very one else. Also, no one has ever change the policy of child support .

Jamar – Belair-Edison

Vote for someone who is not embedded in the current system

Nick – Canton

There are Republicans running for office also. I have not seen your channel interview any of these people. In fair reporting I wish you would do so, while we need to see all choices.

Beatrice – Remington

The most I can do at this point is make sure I don’t vote for any of the people who are currently in office. They have already shown us that they don’t give a damn about nobody but themselves. The lack of everything in government is sickening and is enough to make you just want to give up.

Sharyn – Pen Lucy

Vote them out, however, the people running are just as bad

Gloria – Hamilton Hills

Baltimore City government is soooooooooo corrupt! It just continues…why should we vote someone like Jack Young back in office?? after 20 years of his “so called service” the city is in a terrible place. GET ALL THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS OUT AND CLEAN THINGS UP!! VOTE them out

Cris – Belvedere

I’m hoping we can get someone in office that really wants to make a difference for the Citizens of Baltimore not someone trying to get rich or live comfortably while they steal from the people that need it the most. City Hall is despicable at this moment. I have a 100 reasons to leave Baltimore and only one reason to stay and that’s because I was born and raised here, and that’s not a good enough reason. Baltimore is sad, the Politicians are sad, I really do not like Baltimore anymore. If you want something out of life getting it from Baltimore your chances are slim to none. The poverty here in Baltimore is unbelievable. We need a serious miracle here. It’s not just Politician but also some of the Citizens that doesn’t have the education or mind set to make reasonable decisions a lot of that has to do with lack of education, job opportunity, and housing. We need to address those issues so we can have a better Baltimore

Lakeisha – Belair-Edison

Nothing because the political system / organization is to corrupt. Every corrupt official has to have support to maintain, run and organize their offensive. I believe that not only should the leading officials be removed but some of their supporting city and state employees should as well.

Michael – Dolfield

What can I do? This place has been corrupt for so long! Criminals are elected to lead up. The council and leaders do not speak for the people. We can’t even stop squeegee kids or pick up trash without politics. How are we going to get the big stuff done. We call violence “gun violence”. No, it’s criminals committing crimes.

conor – Canton

I’ll vote. That’s all I can do.

LaTasha – Homeland

Elect all new fresh faces to run the city.. out with the old in with the new Hopefully!!!

Juanita – Waltherson

Not vote for an encumbent

J – Riverside

Vote for the best outside candidate. Do my best to keep my property clean and free of trash and debris.

KERRICK – Belair-Edison

Want all the shootings to stop and everybody come together like a family and help each other out And pray for each other and each another’s family let’s get Baltimore the way it used to be one big happy state and stop all of this crime and robbing and shooting and be good to each other

Norma – Bayview

Clean out all now, and future politicians involved in Baltimore city. They are corrupt and have criminal backgrounds. New qualifications must be put in place for future politicians. Look at what Baltimore city has become, and who has been running it. That will give you the answer. Please stop moving the problem to Baltimore county !

linda – Franklin Square

Some of these questions are too cut and dry however there is a lot of serious improvement needed in this city pertaining to our elected officials and have little to no trust in the majority of them. I do believe that Governor Hogan is doing a pretty good Job

Barbara – Franklin Square

Move out of the city limits and eventually move out of Maryland. Taxes are too high. This small state is a mess.

Giovanni – Eastwood

I’m already a member of my Community Association

Jon – Johnston Square

Just put it in gods hands & pray for the best.

Latorya – Downtown

I am at my wits end. I plan to vote and continue to voice my concerns and frustrations to the right people in a position to induce change.

Tony – Washington Village / Pigtown

there is nothing I can do – so I am trying to move

Theresa – Overlea

It’s nothing I can do I’m just a nobody that what ever concerns I have would be tossed in the trash, however Iif I’d lived in Baltimore City, I would vote for TJ Smith his personal income taxes doesn’t have nothing to do with nothing , my thoughts…

Kenalisa – Northwest Community Action

Only thing i know to do is vote or Move. Lived in Baltimore city all my life I’m almost 46 and I’m so disgusted with the way this city is ran. What else is there to do when the person you vote for doesn’t get elected and the ones that shouldn’t be in office get reelected! In some cases they should be in jail or at least held accountable for the wrong they have done NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE IF THE PEOPLE OF BALTIMORE KEEP VOTING FOR THE SAME WRONG CANDIDATE

Kimberly – Morrell Park

As citizens we have to demand accountability from our elected officials and if they refuse or attempt to hinder then we must collectively utilize our voting privileges. We also need to fight for stricter laws to hold our officials accountable

Chantelle – Beechfield

politlicans need to be held to a higher standard . should be given max sentences when convicted and not allowed to hold office again,forfiet any pension or benifits.

JOHN – Mount Washington

Protest. Pray for help

Rob – Baltimore Highlands

Vote for a good Mayoral candidate that will know how to run the City in an efficient way.

Rosanne – Canton


MARIE – Otterbein

Vote the bums out!

Karen – Canton

Vote Republican, move out of Baltimore City and never come back!!!!

Michele – Little Italy

First I live in Baltimore County and I believe in Hogan my daughter is in College but when she was in Baltimore City Schools I was not a happy Parent.We need changes in our City/County!

Sabrina – York-Homeland

I understand the only solution to fix Baltimore is a complete gentrification of the city. For example Washington DC use to be the murder captial of the United States, now the cost of living is equivalent to NY. The only way to keep up with gentrification is to make more money, with that said I will do my part to mentor inner city youth on my free time and my work time (active member of BCFD 14yrs first acting lieutenant). I am looking to invest in property Baltimore City because I understand the only way the fire department or police department will recieve a raise is if we increase our tax base.

Dominick – Downtown West

vote this baltimore city governoring body out!

Cathy – Belair-Parkside

I don’t know if I could do anything other then vote for good leaders but in my opinion there are none. Maybe T.J Smith, but I would need more clarification about his taxes!

Dana – Reservoir Hill

Not sure what to do about it. I do know that if Sheila Dixon gets elected it will be the icing on the cake when it comes to the true reality of where this city will be going and shame on the people who would vote for someone that has committed the crime against her own people. It is a disgrace that such a system that let’s an official that has broken the law and trust of the city would even have the right to run again as well as the audacity to do so. Shame on this city!

patrick – Little Italy

VOTE them out

Horace – East Baltimore Midway

I don’t know what to do except execute my right to vote the people out of the positions they are currently in.

Jerome – Bolton Hill

Vote for new leaders.

Joe – Mount Vernon

I will attend meetings and keep my neighborhood clean and safe as possible.

Darnell – Oliver

Vote and advise family and friends to do the same. Keep the city of Baltimore in daily prayer that’s a must!!!

Patricia – Grove Park

Corona Virus and Public Schools
My wife’s immunodeficiency carries concerns of my son going to school in Baltimore City. I have an understanding that they closed the Universities in the area, but not the public schools. They also restricted nursing homes and are aware of the pandemic increasing. I was thinking of keeping my son home for 2 weeks out of safety , but the State says no.
The 1918-1919 Baltimore pandemic killed 5400.
The 2020-2021 Baltimore pandemic____________?

Timothy – Medfield

I’m going to vote to get those current people out of office. I am a baltimore city employee and everything about this local government is terrible. People are given jobs on who they know and not because you’re qualified for the position. We only see these politicians when it’s election time. They all need to go!!!!

Stacey – Ashburton

I would not vote for a convicted felon. I plan to vote the current leaders out of office

John – Armistead Gardens

Vote for change and pray this city gets in

Melissa – Remington

I write the governors office on the regular. I voice my opinion daily

Benjamin – Reservoir Hill

Vote them all out and start anew. Keep writing and calling my councilperson, mayor, and all my elected officials on all issues that concern me in order to make them aware that things need to change

Richard – Waverly

I can start with voting for a New Mayor for my city. We need change and as soon as possible.

TeTri – Belair-Edison

Vote them all out.

Glenda – Rosemont

This is a pretty vague question. Overall I feel pretty handcuffed. I think the corruption is so bad I don’t feel i can make much of a difference. I try to attend as many town halls as I can, and I contribute to my own neighborhood association as well as 2 others.

Joe – Hollins Market

I live in MD but not in Baltimore. I used to visit quite often, but until you get the crime under control, I won’t be back. And I am not alone. Baltimore is losing millions of dollars in the tourist industry due to the incompetency of the elected officials. Now the fools might elect the thief Dixon. Until you deal harshly with the thugs, Baltimore is done

Ken – Brooklyn

VOTE !! CONTINUE to Report CRIME. CONTINUE to STAY ACTIVE IN MY CHILD SCHOOL AND IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. CONTINUE TO WORK WITH MY NEIGHBORS, keeping our community clean. Encouraging others to not leave the city but help the fight to rebuild the city, MY CITY…

Adriane – Forest Park

City spending audits
and incentivizing police recruitment and
police doing walking patrols
Dpw/ 311 getting 311 service requests complete

Steven – Easterwood

Our city should be left to be lead by honesty and integrity.

Anoynomous – Ashburton

I will vote for the person who will be transparent.

Kathleen – Rosemont

Audit the every entire origination in Baltimore city goverment…..Implement a zero tolerance policy on guns and drug crimes NOW…Build another jail…

jeff – Canton

Move out of the city

Jack – Armistead Gardens

the only thing that is left open is to show my & my wife’s displeasure at the voting booth!!! The City is a laughing Stock through out the State & a sad example through out the Country.

Joseph – Medford

The roads in the area are terrible , we have helicopters constantly flying in our neighborhood. We hear sirens all times of the day and night, gunshots are now the norm. We live in fear , the new form of local terrorisms ,its like being in a war zone. We have dirt bikes that constantly ride down the middle of our streets all hours of the day and night, the city is lawless and we are helpless.

patrick – Curtis Bay

I would like the crime rate to go down. The crime’s are so bad. Police should be 100% responsible for making sure they’re put into jail. Some people who have been convicted of a crime in Baltimore City should be in prison for at least ten years. They shouldn’t let people who have been convicted of a crime let loose. They need to learn their lesson. Where’s the money going to for schools. Some Baltimore County schools don’t have air conditioning and the students are not learning enough. We need to spend more money on getting kids their education and having the best learning experience of their life and not spend money on useless stuff.

Ashley – South Baltimore

Lets all come together meaning attend more town halls get more people involved

Corey – Walbrook

There is nothing the citizens can fo about it, because The Structure of City Hall is setup for the criminals who are running the city to be corrupt. If the structure is not torn down abd rebuilt , crime, trash and all other issues will not fealt with properly either. The structure of City Government has to be built on Avoiding The Appearance of Evil until that is done , everything that is said and done to win votes is just that vote catch phrases. The City does not have the leaxers it needs to have the courage to make the drastic and radical changes needed to transform baltimore, a transformation has to take place that requires a whole different structure that does not entertain corruption until that is done nothing will get done.

Mark – Highlandtown

VOTE!! The incumbents have become complacent. They collect a check. They see their office as a means to find additional personal revenue. A lot of words with very little action. Baltimoreans should be educated to vote based on RECORD, not based on name recognition.

Withheld – Grove Park

I am certain that I will sound my voice with my vote. I have joined a few local groups that target crime infested areas. Its goal is to encourage positive behavior and resources that will assist getting young African Americans off of the streets.

George – Parkview / Woodbrook

Our leaders should provide a good example to our city and to our children. If not,That message should come from leaders who are not corrupt in the system therefore showing our community that it will be governed with morality and honesty. This provides our children and community to live forward in a positive environment rather than fearing what is to come next.A positive force shown by government officials should push individuals in the community to WANT to help in its growth. This will therefore show our children and residents the will to make the community a better place to live rather than being EMBARRASSED TO BE A RESIDENT IN BALTIMORE CITY!!!!!!!

Patricia – Ten Hills

Elect someone who seems competent to make policy changes within City Hall

Mark – Highlandtown

Vote the incumbents out. Though we both know that’s. pipe dream don’t we?

Richard – Waverly

I can’t stand Baltimore. It’s disgusting, and as soon as I have the means I will leave it. It is broken.

Marshall – Ednor Gardens-Lakeside

I am originally from D.C. and all the years Ive resided in Baltimore it has gotten worst over the years. The crime rate amd drugs are appalling. Every election the ones elected sings the same old song what they are gonna do for crime and drugs and taxes and homelessness vacant and abandant homes etc. And when they get into office… NOTHING but mediocre results. There’s NO CHANGE for the better as if the elected just get into these powerful positions just for clout or hogh gain and corruption of money. Where is the honor in that?! Can we have REAL OFFICIALS IN OFFICE WHO REALLY GONNA CHANGE THE CITY?! WHO IS REALLY COMPASSIONATE ABOUT TJE CITY AND THE PEOPLE?!

Rochelle – Edmondson Village

Volunteer for programs that provide activities for kids in Baltimore so they’re not on the streets. Advocate for Medicare for All so everyone is able to get the adequate care they need.

Calle – Hamilton Hills

i’m not sure. I am a psychiatrist and due to those in power breaking HIPPA n other laws I’ve had a front row seat for a decade now to analyze every single facet of the city’s “situation.” I can offer up questions, glaring areas that just absent from these conversations but are at the root of many problems… not these superficial buzz words of crime, corruption, transparency. And I have suggestions for the station as some things are driving me to change the channel. And your station has a history of really creating positive change. Like many, I feel rather helpless at times and am unsure why I still live here.

Alisa – North Roland Park / Poplar Hill

I’m going to do what I can to make things better but also look to the leaders of Baltimore to do their part and they need to be held accountable if they don’t. #PrayingForMyCity

Nikki – Belair-Edison

Teach my children how to do better and be better then what’s going on in our world today.
Question: what happen to all the casino money that was suppose to go toward education and school systems? Nobody is talking about that. They just want to tax tax payers even harder. I need the councilmen to talk and fight for that.

DANIELLE – Forest Park

Just continue 🙏🙏🤦‍♀️for city

Michelle – Druid Heights

I still have a voice & I use it. I still own the property I was born in 73 years ago. It is now rented but the city continues to raise property values comparing my 90-100 year old property to a newer home development. All a scam. Water bills outrageous! I once had water turned off at street by public works for 8 months. Still high bills. Criminals allowed to walk our streets. Freddy gray 30 + arrests & convictions & he walked the streets. My own daughter attacked in her own home & was arrested & jailed over night in a pig sty city jail. Don’t feel safe walking the park .my great memories of living the wonderful Baltimore City I was raised in is all gone! Sad! Breaks my heart! Many moving out of state. Filthy neighborhoods caused by filthy people who should be forced to clean it up ! Put criminals to work to keep city clean! It would save $$ . Also my property tax bill jumped from $2500- to $3 k a year? My county home much cheaper. Save $$ put convicted felons to work!!

Jackie – Bayview

50 years of liberal rule will do it

John – Roland Park

What happened to the law, if you caught with a gun 5 yrs automatic. Give parents controle of thier kid’s. Disapline starts at home. If a 13 yr.old commits a crime, he is old enough to know right from wrong. Allow him to deal y the consinquent of thier actions. Allow him to go through the system and he will see what it’s like. Start a scred straight program and it will stop young children fry becoming life criminals. There is no conquents for the crimes pey do here in Baltimore.No

Deanna – Park Circle

What can I do? The city is ran to promote deviding and separation among all districts. They make deals to develope in the city but move people out of their communities.and allow cost is so high to live in these new communities. Our council reps could care less about our neighborhood when u call their office you get their assistants, each district is a representation of the council person who is hired to over see them. Our council people should be having monthly meetings to inform their district of what is going on with city & city government issues and resources ,programs available to people in their district. Just look at parkheights then cross northern parkway to the deviding line .NORTHERN PARKWAY). The side headed toward slade Avenue .it looks like a vip community.the council man for that area really is committed an interested in the district they serve.At that section of parkheights you see the city workers sweeping, water ran at curbs, even though we pay taxes for the city too our neighborhood of parkheights get treated like second citizen.WHY IS THAT ?THE CITY IS WORKING ON THE RENAISSANCE PROJECT ..But residents of parkheights currently in these neighborhoods dont know about this project.Our councilman dont have meetings to. keep us uninformed. In what’s going on in our districts.It looks as though the plan is too let us become poverty driven than climate a new project is being developed, so Duncan rebuild but than keep us in the district
to enjoy the chose to move in the city new development projects. the city & city government is moving us out to rebuild but only too have cost so high we cannt afford to move in the neighborhoods we were raised in,and paid taxes too.

Lisa – Arlington

I hope the people come together and vote the right Mayer in. I hope the people get control of their children because most crimes are committed by teenagers. I hope we get more police to patrol the streets and actually do their jobs

Patricia – Overlea

Vote the career politicians out!

I – Saint Agnes

Planning on meeting with Kristopher Burnett sometime soon. After the weather breaks for hopefully a block cleanup and discussion.

Bridget – Irvington

Already moved out of Baltimore Thank you, Jesus. And would never move back. Cuz all the corruption dirt and trash

Lowell – Irvington

Conduct an independent assessment of the areas of high crime. Create a grassroots organization that focuses on bettering the city.

Shawn – Pimlico Good Neighbors

Let my voice be heard and tend to my community where I live.

Lavonda – Jones Falls Area

Change my party affiliation from democrate to REPUBLICAN

Casimir – Canton

Everyone is responsible for their kids for as there behavior at home or from home there action fall on their parents there conduct is a reflection on how they been raise and how much wrong they getting away with that shows why they act out in school and out in the streets far as Mayor of this city well they doing a lot of talking and making mistakes on the panel and still on the panel how wrong is that also they don’t walk the streets of Baltimore City to see for thereself and see what really matters not is they doing anything to improve some of the problem now and they want the people votes and the police sits in there cars watching guys standing around on different corners and when I ask why is that they say call it in but they getting a check but not making a difference wild they on the job it like they waiting for shift to change I think they should be monitor for what they are doing in a days work meaning turn in a report the people in high places in our city it’s looking out for our city that’s what getting worst all that needs to be changed

Thresa – Biddle Street

Ask for help to move out of the Baltimore City, I don’t have a voucher and I know the program is closed but I can’t take it anymore, I’m too afraid. People are being shot and killed right outside my door. I myself have been threaten. I need help in moving somewhere out of this city where I can get help paying my rent or move into another place that goes according to my income.

Michelle – Downtown West

I’m going to vote for change and continue to work with the neighborhood to cut crime and increase our home value. As well as city hall need a change so do North Ave.

Karen – Yale Heights


Antonio – Boyd-Booth

I think my councilman Ryan Dorsey is an arrogant and untrustworthy. I honestlt believe he is as corrupt as Pugh, Dixon, Young and Scott. Vote him out, he sucks!!!

Steve – Beverly Hills

Move out of the city. The government is too corrupt to lead this city and the citizens continue to vote in the corruption. The citizens that want change are outweighed by those who don’t understand there is an alternative

Nick – Highlandtown

Not into labels… just what’s real and knowing what aint…

Charles – Beechfield

Male sure I vote and let my elected officials know how I feel about the state of our city.

Leonard – Mount Vernon

I am going to vote and take everyone I can with me.

Felicia – Frankford

I will move from this horrible place.

mike – Canton

Don’t know what I can do… too many things out of my control as a citizen. I can’t remove Marilyn Mosby from office. I firmly believe she is a primary factor in the lawlessness in the city and for the hatered of the police in this city. The city needs to get rid of Brandon Scott, Mayor Jack Young, AND I can’t even believe Shiela Dixon has the nerve to run for office!! Shiela Dixon stole from the poor as former Mayor of this city!! SO. What Can I Do? I pray Thiru Vignarajah or TJ Smith get elected. That will be a good place to start

Caroline – Canton

Everything like drugs off the streets, guns off the streets

Tavaughn – Boyd-Booth

I think the two men that took the money from us. That we have not heard nothing back about being paid back. Should not even run for office. I think I am going to vote for a TJ Scott. And Sheila Dixon may have a chance. But all the people that’s in the major office now thts Taking money from us and treating their family well. When we had so many homeless people out here. That need a place to live. I think mayor young is just ridiculous.

Karen – Downtown

Try to move. Out of the city. I go to the county to shop now guess next step is to move out of city

Frankie – North Harford Road

How come a hotel in Baltimore can owe Millions on a water bill? But city residents who have falling behind in their water bill you threatened to take their property? Do you plan on offering assistance for residents who are suffering financially? Do you plan on voiding the law on taking residents homes do to past due water bills?

Victoria – Belair-Parkside

Advocate a competitive tax rate for Baltimore so that its economy and population start to grow.

S – Charles Village

I want the leaders to do something about the squeegee kids. I dont feel safe driving now when I see them on the road. Driving safe alone already requires a lot of focus. Them being on the street poses more accident to happen. I am scared to accidentally run them over. I dont want to hurt anyone. Plus, most of them can be aggressive when you tell them you dont want your windows cleaned. So please get them off the streets of Baltimore.

Girlie – Downtown

Planning to move my family and tax dollars out of this dumpster fire of a town.

David – Guilford

pray for a republican to win

george – Locust Point

All you can do is try to get the person you think is the most honest and best qualified elected.

Renee – Belair-Edison

I am going stand up for my rights. I am going to try to make Baltimore City better. Baltimore City Schools are a disgraced. We need the State of Maryland to run the Baltimore City Schools. Baltimore City Government needs more accountablity.

Nancy – Belair-Edison

Vote. When honest people are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the crooked run the government, the people suffer.
Proverbs 29:2

M – Penn North

I would like to see trash go back to twice a week people are not recycling. The rats are worst the city is dirtier. Education needs to go back to earning your grades an put some tutoring after school programs inside the schools rather than kids running on the gym. We should have mandatory quarterly town hall meetings where you can talk to your district people about improving your district.( community working with the district leaders, police department. And community associations).
Homeless reform the government leadership should know all the housing programs in the city and help them to help the homeless. The shelter should not have people with social security income staying there permenantly it should be a limit. They should connect the partners. The shelter sould be for people with no income or, social service $185. Provide those people with rehabilitation. You should have access to your leadership and it should be a part of the job to meet with the community.
The elderly should have a waiver for medicaid that allows them to go to Daycare and medication no matter what the income is as they are venable adults.
Drug programs should be audited yearly.

Towanda – Mondawmin

Not vote for the current leaders of Baltimore or the previous ones.

Charlotte – Biddle Street

What is there to do? All of the candidates are weak leaders and it will just be the same ole’ same ole’. I believe only one candidate expressed something else other than oppressive policing policies. How much surveillance does the citizens of Baltimore City need. Most of the candidates do not even touch on the fact that they will work with the governor of the state and demand an accounting from all the departments in the city. Baltimore city needs a leader that will take control and not just occupy a chair and push oppressive policies.

Robert – Bellona-Gittings

I’m very active in knowing my child family loved ones are safe

Andre – Baltimore Highlands

As a former student in Carroll Coumty Schools i was bullied and nothing done about it. How does this affect public apathy toward government officials?

Neil – Bayview

I think a more thorough investigation should be done on all city officials before they get the job and throughout their career.

Stacie – Arlington

I believe that the city is a lost cause at this point. The city is filthy, crime is high, little to no job opportunities, squeegee kids harassing drivers and more. The councilmen is not involved enough in the issues therefore, I just plan to move out of the state of Maryland very soon.

Zahara – Winchester

Let me ask as I’m watching Fox 45 news this very moment and continually see the city in crisis situation being aired when the city has been in crisis since before I was even born my question is as they are now talking about wanting to get chicago-style technology to help fight crime which I do not understand as to what makes them think that any of that would help Baltimore city and the crime rate when we have Baltimore City police helicopters joint task Forces as well as City watch cameras that are noted to be labeled with Baltimore City police badges and logos and the criminals of Baltimore akknowledge but disregard and still continue to do those things the main issue is the city’s Police. The Baltimore City Police department needs to hire officers or enforce the officers to do their jobs to the fullest that would help fix the city more than spending Mass amounts of the city funding on some bogus technology that won’t make a bit of a difference Baltimore City needs police officers that will actually do their jobs.

Jason And Jessica – Armistead Gardens

Going back to the police protection. I feel there is a major shortage in officers and that police are afraid to do anything since the Baltimore States Attorney would rather go on TV to attack an officer than getting on TV and letting he tax payers know how she plans to put bad people away. Mosby and the judges of Baltimore are pitiful. This is where focus is needed.

Douglas – Saint Agnes

Continue to be closely involved in local elections and hire private security for our neighborhood.

Chris – Guilford

I think Mayor Jack is the worst mayor Balimore has ever had. It is a crime he never shows up for town hall mtgs and it is another sin that he can not take responsiblity for things. always blaming other people or entities. The city is out of control. There is NO leadership, and the people that claim to be leaders are criminals themselves. We need to have the days of
Mayor/Govorner Schaefer. You can’t have black “leaders” in a black city and expect change. Its almost laughable. “Mayor” jack should be fired IMMEDIATLEY

Susan – Frankford

Bring back the Broken window policy of policing and get rid of the consent decree

Marcus – Belair-Parkside

The very first thing is to remove Shiela Dixon from the panel she is exactly why this city is in the shape its in and it should be a law forbidding convicted citizens from being able to run for any government office.

ricky – Highlandtown

I am selling my house and leaving BALTIMORE CITY

Jeanne – Hampden

I would like to come to a town meeting to Address So called Mayor Jack Houdini Young and ask him some Questions

Theresa – South Baltimore

There should be a limit on all political positions andMarilyn mosby is not leading prosecutors in the right direction

Monica – Canton

Vote for new leadership

Anthony – Sandtown-Winchester

First of all the squeegee boys should not be on the phone at the same as the drug dealers is too much trash in Baltimore that y’all can find them something to do and it wouldn’t be so many homeless people if y’all bring the cost of housing back down once housing went up we’ve got a bunch of homeless people once y’all start coming for people for their water bills a lot of people lost their homes y’all started coming for people for taxes they lost their homes but on top of all that we have jobs

Lucille – Baltimore Highlands

I really don’t know…

charlotte – Broadway East

We need better lighting in our community like how the lights are so bright in Hampden

Clarice – Sandtown-Winchester

Voice my advice on how the city should be ran because things are going down hill fast Baltimore was a great city we need ms dixon back in office

Willie – Windsor Hills

Seriously thinking of moving near the MD,PA line.

Josh – Overlea

I would vote for a reformed convicted felon. Seem as if the current regime are all crooks.What can I do at 64 and afraid to go outside. Also I do not like police. I’m just as afraid of them as the ppl.

Kris – Fallstaff

4025 Belle Ave.
Elect A Official That Has The Reconstruction Of This City At Heart.. Public Safety,School,Housing Community Involvement On A Safe And Positive Level…

Anthony – Concerned Citizens Of Forest Park

I would like for you to consider the possibility that Baltimore’s education system and crime are related. The zoning of schools was the beginning of the elevated crimes. Consider that the only people you ever get to see are the people in your neighborhood. You never have to figure out how to get along with anyone else. The same people you went to elementary school with are the same people you go to middle school with and then on to high school. I am not sure how I am going to get my idea across but when I went to Baltimore city Public schools it was much much better. And I was glad I was not confined to only my neighborhood. As a matter of fact when I went to junior high school and high school most of the people I was in school with were Jewish. I am African-American. How many of our inner-city youth ever see diversity in their schools? You had to learn to make new friends and respect others. Most of the children that insert next level LOL schools we are not your friends. You had to make friends. Every child is not genius enough to go to the electoral schools and really don’t have a chance to shine any other way. I say get rid of zoning and you get rid of crime.
It may not be that simple but I think it is related.

Toi – Belair-Edison

Maryland taxpayers deserve money back that was miss used by corrupt legislation you tax us on our income taxes one of the highest tax states and look what we have for it a city in crisis all around

B – Pen Lucy

Will move if things don’t turn around quickly. Buy a gun. Tired of being afraid. Stay away from downtown. Tell friends & family to stay away from here. Vote for T. Vignarajah to clean & hold all employees accountable. Get Marilyn Mosby impeached as she made things worse.

Noreen F – Eastwood

Continue to be angry. Angry at the city leaders, that palace on North Avenue and the failure to educate Baltimore’s youth. Angry at these people that keep saying we have to take back our streets which doesn’t make sense. What do they suggest, a street war or a dance off with the criminals? We’re moving out of the city, yet worried about the residents who can’t.

Janet – Belair-Edison

I voted for different people to run the city.

Melodye – Belair-Edison

Eventually move out of Baltimore city

Heather – Morrell Park

I have absolutely NO IDEA WHO MY COUNCILMAN is for our neighborhood. I send my child out of district for #1 his education and #2 his safety. I have a NEW car and I’m scared to death to drive it, for fear of being carjacked. I was attacked by a Pitbull while walking the dog with my mom. I called 911 5X! Not 1 P.O. showed up, or the AMBULANCE I requested for my 73 y.o. mother. When I contacted the dist. Cmdr. On his cell while he was off on the weekend; I was told unless someone is injured, an officer doesn’t have to respond. And if the ambo didn’t show up, I need to file a complaint against the 911 operator! WOW! WTH! I worked for the MSP as a civilian for 22 years. Any officer I worked with who never showed up, they would lose a stripe. Today at 11:35 the Sgt for Brooklyn was “resting” in his patrol car on a vacant lot back on shell road in old Fairfield. I’m loosing it here. Sorry. But obviously I’m not happy and not one of my neighbors are.

Terri – Brooklyn

Start attending the city meetings.

Queen T – Johnston Square

COntinue to vote for people I think will make things better.

Michele – Yale Heights

vote all the incumbents out of office. Locks my windows and doors, sell my house and move out of state

jack – Dolfield

Become more active in the political process by vetting candidates. And holding them accountable. Partner with a local grassroots organization looking to make a difference in the city.

CHRISTOPHER – Edmondson Village

I will be voting in the upcoming election.

Tobiah – Broadway East

I dont know. I actually live in Baltimore County HOWEVER, I am taking this survey because the city crime is coming over to the County AS WE SPEAK….

Sacrena – Highlandtown

Why can’t we talk these parents who are loosing their children to gun violence and only gun violence every day on the streets of Baltimore to giving the police the right to search them for guns and only guns the only rights they would be loosing is the right to see there parents the next day . Oh maybe showing their parents that they also do not want be be the next one that dies for a stupid reason and all they have to do is not carry a gun .The city could take a survey at one of these town meetings when the parents of these kids are crying what are we going to do to stop this .maybe people hate to hear the truth but this is the parents or whoever is the legal guardian of these kids not the public’s fault . I know my child and I know what my child is doing and who he is doing it with at all time and I go thru the city everyday and see these so called squeegee kids terrorizing people at the red lights .i can tell you as a kid if my parent or any one who new my parents seen me in the street causing this kind of trouble I would get a good old fashion ass wiping and maybe some of these parents crying on tv because they do not want there children shot should grow up and do their jobs at home and help the police do their job on the streets . They are your kids you have the right to say they can be searched for guns to save their lives . This is all that has to happen period . Also ms Dickson is correct the police should be more in touched with the community .Take one small section of row homes every 8 to 10 blocks turn that area into a police substation /community hall and put a Sargent and staff with the same officers around the clock .This would allow for the officers to do more foot patrol and get to know and understand what Is going on everyday in a smaller area and would eventually become part of the Nieghbor’s daily routine to talk and see the same face everyday . It can not hurt to ask these questions at a town meeting and see what kind of response is given . Also as stupid as it may sound bring back the police on horse back to each community substation/community hall . These animals are intimidating to most when confronted but also help bring officers more in contact with the public and help patrol areas instead of driving cars

Michael – Canton

I tina thinks that they should use the dealth penalty and life sentence if health problems home detention and dealth penalty following. Judge and state gives the mexium sentence. For crimes of sexual assault and assault and physically assault and assault and rape . Murder too. Attempted murder too.
Be strict on people that does that
To people on disability. Like me. Putted all the sex affenders in one neighborhood. Keep them out of community’s with kids.

Tina – Greenmount West

Vote for a new Mayor. It starts at the top and the current top isn’t cutting it. I find it interesting that Mayor Young always has a previous engagement when there’s a Town Hall. If he was a leader, he would make it priority number one to appear at every Town Hall. He’s a horrible leader and I pray he does not get re-elected. Brandon Scott is no better.

John – Canton

The city needs to fix City Hall, first with the corrupt politicians, than work its way out to other departments. Than deal with the city. Sheila Dixon needs not to run again.

Larry – Forest Park

Vote Republican

Michael – Brooklyn

I think the city needs more street lights. I know mayor Pugh was trying to do this for the city. I live on Belair road a major street and sometimes it’s not as lit as it should be, so just think about smaller streets, they don’t much or any street lights neither. I think it could curb some night violence with area being more lit at night. And More so safer for residents who don’t feel safe going outside at night. ~Candice Robinson

Candice – Belair-Edison

Gov. Hogan needs to step in because City government is corrupt, inept and oblivious. Aside from Fox 45, no one else seems to care about the future of this broken city.

Kelley – Woodbourne Heights

Personally nothing by my self need to eliminate all these clown in power and bringing fresh mixed color and origin

D – Baltimore Highlands

Finding more time to get involved with neighborhood activist. Letting city hall know that they will not get my vote if i feel they don’t deserve it. Not falling for the lie of Baltimore is a democrat city so vote dem what a joke. Knowing what these politicians stand for.

Sharon – Highlandtown

Keep fighting to make it better or leave. The danger here is insane.

Amber – Downtown

attend town hall meetings, be a voice for my community and vote city officials that are apart of the corruption out of office

Jonna – Original Northwood

Report inappropriate behavior and failure to address unsafe conditions by those in charge. This information will be sent to Fox 45 since I do not trust any other establishment, at this point, to shine the spotlight on real issues.
As a resident, I am beyond feeling upset. I am “NUMB” to Baltimore City in general…it’s government, leadership in local city departments, the failing school system that has allowed students to harass and bully good children, high taxes for an extremely low quality of life. …and I can’t begin to explain my feelings and thoughts about the BCPD in general (EXCLUDING the current commissioner). I must admit that i have lost trust in the police department like most residents and believe that reporting certain crime will only expose my family to retaliation. I am no longer willing to do this thanks to the corruption that exists in local government and every city department. I realize that there are good officers in the city. Unfortunately, too many of the city’s officers lack professionalism , are STILL involved in shady undertakings in the community, are friends with/related to those that create chaos in the community. I have wittnessed this in the western district. How can you request police assistance when retaliation is real in this city? An average of a murder a day…not including those that have survived violent attacks and those good folks that are now emotionally shattered from living in the “City That Bleeds”. The land has absorbed the blood of many as candles, balloons and teddy bears mark the spot on corners. The city has moved its bad habits and crimes into my community without the knowledge or permission of tax paying home owners. Its like we are being forced to monitor what the city has failed to address. As I listen to the candidates for mayor…a long list and nothing to select…another few years of complete chaos as everyone has a “Crime Plan” but, none have actually worked in the field or addressed issues in their own communities prior to running for mayor. I don’t understand why bad behavior is ignored such as “Squeegee Kids/Adults, dirt bike riding, loitering on corners etc. The laws are on the book, simply enforce those laws. Meanwhile, Baltimore continues to draft and pass Bills that State Laws already address the issues… The question now should be: Why do we stay in Baltimore as conditions get worse and the quality of life is steadily declining as Baltimore attempts to move it’s bad behavior to the outskirts of the city thus, spreading the “infection”? Why stay in the State of Maryland when, in actuality, the problems are only moving out? Angry? Frustrated? Afraid? …no, I am NUMB to it all because I am tired. I love my community. I am angered that Baltimore does not appear to adore my community as much as the majority of our homeowners do. I will continue to fight for Howard Park but, I don’t have the energy to fight for the entire city. Howard Park is my home…I was born and raised here. If we leave, we will leave the entire state. The writing is on the wall. I can walk to Woodlawn and see the effects of Baltimore…

Traci – Howard Park

Vote for new government officials. If someone is currently in office I will vote against them.Fire them all . If a person is guilty of a crime in office, they should be band to run for any office in the future.

George – South Baltimore

Keep talking keep trying no one has the courage to address these issues as a Black peoples problem. Simple put there are too many black people not living productive lives in the black community. All the work that needs to be done and black people are standing, watching and waiting for someone else to fix this city in crisis. Part of the police budget could be use to train and employ black people as traffic officers to patrol the city and have more eyes on the streets using a fleet of cars used like the one traffic Jam Jimmie drives. They could be deployed for accidents on the JFX and fee up police officers to focus on more violet crime. Televised bait cars need to used to address car jacking problem and mandatory time for first time offenders. Boot camp the trades training trash and recycling all could be part of a community service program for squeegee kids. Finally, there has to be at least one the 200 communities in Baltimore where Black people function at a higher level. Where black people live work and play for the benefit of black people and where all who reside or visits Baltimore can see first hand Black people living working legally and thriving in their community to make us all fee good.

Jeffrey – Coppin Heights / Ash-Co-East

I have had four horrible experiences involving the squeeze people so much so that I am willing to get a red light ticket

Letisha – Coldstream Homestead Montebello

I am not voting for any of the current administration. My district is 3 and the only concern of Ryan Dorsey was setting up bike lanes. that money could have used to fix pot holes that is tearing up people cars. Tax payers should have the right to vote on how money is going to be spent in the city. Every department in the city need a six month audit. Limited terms for city government.

paula – Hamilton Hills

“While we, as prosecutors, are limited by the constraints of the law as to what we can do to hold violent youth accountable” If that is written on Mosby’s website, why do you think the youth are acting out??? Why can’t someone put a qualified SA in the Baltimore City Office and send her packing? //
Can you change question 4 to “can” from “will”? No doubt, BCP fears no one, they will protect. The question is, with the shortage & restraints, are they able to protect. I don’t know how to answer the question. //
I am furious that I heard Mayor Young say that he took funds from the BCP & gave it to Mosby for youth again. Can someone please audit Marilyn Mosby’s office & see what she is doing with the MILLIONS, instead of using it on the city? She receives MILLIONS & spends nearly nothing directly on the citizens. //Who is the printing company for Mosby? The printing materials are superior to government funded quality. The taxpayers, who do not have enough to eat, do not want to pay for the media!! We want to know who the publisher and designer are, & a list of all payments associated with the news bulletins & all community event media. We want to know what the youth, that are currently committing these outrages acts were reading in those materials Mrs. Mosby handed out. //Who provides the meal to all of these functions? At what cost to the taxpayer per meal; are there better options? What political affiliation does the meal provider have, are they affiliated with any movements (marijuana movement for example), and what profit do they make? Bus loads of citizens were bused to Annapolis for dinner & strongly encouraged to support Mrs. Mosby’s marijuana agenda. Every time we turn around Mrs. Mosby is supplying dinners with tax payers money & we should have a right to further details. //Dr Phill would say Mosby is the common denominator because she has problems with respected officials across the board. She is not ethical; she immediately publishes her arguments when her agenda isn’t the only one considered, creating anger & chaos in an easily influenced community. Should she be the one to receive funds that reach 5,700 youth (many voting) at community events if she has far different views & integrity then our more experienced Governor, Police Chief, Mayor, FOP, community, etc.? Does she have an education in youth counseling & education? // *In 2017, the SAO launched a new, online tool to engage the community in our fight against crime. Community Court Watch is a citywide database that enables the public to track the trajectory of arrests that have occurred in their neighborhoods. The Community Court Watch map is accessible on any smart device and features interactive data points that users can tap for court dates, outcomes, and other data related to arrests that have resulted in SAO cases. This information enables community members to attend court, submit timely impact statements and attend transfer hearings held at the Juvenile Justice Center. The map focuses on the City’s most violent crimes including homicides, non-fatal shootings, armed robberies, carjackings and animal cruelty. At any given time, the Community Court Watch map is tracking 750 to 1,000 cases. By the end of 2017, the map had been viewed over 3,200 times. There are over 600,000 people in Baltimore City, if only 3200 had an interest, Mrs. Mosby’s objectives (of harassing The Baltimore City Police Department) are far less important than she thinks to those in Baltimore City.//
State’s Attorney Mosby created the Evidence Review Unit (ERU) to process the footage created by BPD’s body-worn cameras. Harassing the police department. //Baltimore City took over the mental health & drug treatment aspect of health care, because money is easily funneled (non-taxed to political party) & the patients are not capable of noticing; & this is disgustingly unethical. //
Great Expectations (GE) is a ten-month program that introduces fourth grade Baltimore City Public School students to careers in the criminal justice system, while improving their critical thinking and reading skills. GE launched in 2015 at Franklin Square Elementary School, and continued at William Pinderhughes Elementary School in 2016. In 2017, with grant funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Great Expectations expanded to three schools: Gilmor and Matthew A. Henson. Mrs. Mosby is taking money from adults who desperately need money for extensive drug tx, housing, etc. & instead creating a program for 4th graders? We, the citizens of Baltimore, are utterly amazed that you do not know why addiction, deaths, and crime is out of control. // You think we don’t know that money is funneled through our Universities to the political arena while Baltimore men are not being trained to do a job to support themselves & their families. Many woman have no choice but to become pregnant & depend on government assistance. The government should have an obligation to educate or find jobs for the men & women who currently can’t work/find jobs due to prior convictions or poor educations. Marilyn Mosby’s budget could be put to a better use and cover the cost. These men and women are part of our community, have served their sentence & it is the time to allow them to be a productive part of our society, rather than force them into a life of crime!!!!! // The grants the Universities in Baltimore received to graduate 5% of students in 48 months in recent years would bring all of Baltimore City out of poverty. The Universities become elaborate while the community & the people continue to desperately deteriorate. //A licensed clinical social worker, Crista Taylor is the President and CEO of Behavioral Health System Baltimore & receives millions in funds. She knew Marilyn Mosby prior to being appointed. Baltimore should have a Doctor running all health systems & they should have a background in business to run it!!! // The $150,000 pilot in the Central District is being funded through grants to Behavioral Health System Baltimore, the behavioral health authority for the city, from the Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation and the Morton K. and Jane Blaustein Foundation. Mrs. Mosby’s and Mrs. Taylor’s program does not meet the eligibility requirements listed for this grant so who approved it? Can anyone other then Marilyn Mosby have money for the citizens of Baltimore? // The citizens of Baltimore City have long learned to live together, work together, solve problems together, shop together, go to school together & have fun together. No one wants to suffer any longer in order to support one political party over the other. Less then 1% believe there are race issues in the city. Everyone is just trying to stay alive at this point. Healthy, Happy, in Peace! // “Demand for the relocation of victims and witnesses of crime far exceeds our budget constraints. The SAO will lobby for additional funds in 2018 to ensure that we are able to protect all victims and witnesses in need.” Marilyn Mosby writes this, but spends 2.4 million on an office, …& to give her friends jobs, it is sickening!!! Like everything else, in 3 years it will be non-existent, the community received nothing, & the millions will be gone. We know that only 50% will come for counseling, etc. to begin with.// Guess you heard enough! You do a wonderful job. Thank You!

M – Frankford

I will vote for who I believe will make the best decision for city

Deborah – East Baltimore Midway

It’s so sad when
the same people are in a leadership position. Baltimore as a whole needs to change the entire
Structure Including the Worthless Mayor and all of the council. Pretty dam sad when you have a looser like Shiela Dixon trying to get a second round of stealing gift cards and profits from all her inside deals running for Mayor again.I recently visited Europe thousands of miles away several countries I had visited Knew not to travel to Baltimore “The No Fly list “ Europe was all hell No they would not even think about visiting our City.
They would rather Visit Iran wearing a Big Red Trump Hat before for heading to the Wild Wild West of Baltimore.

Michael – Woodberry

We need someone to actually come in and help people like me convicted felon ( even though my charges papers said in 08 I didn’t do the crime I still went to prison and had a clean record at that time. The way child support setup should be redone , it’s no process and unfair . People like me pay child support who takes care of there kids . You can’t have no one running the city if they never live in these streets and been in these streets only good candidate that fits is Stokey. Minimum wage is way too low, stop putting people with back grounds in there own class we deserve a second chance , certain jobs I can’t get and can’t be on some lease or even find a job that’s going to pay enough money for me to pay rent, car insurance, child support etc…. No one thinks about us

Jamar – Belair-Edison

TRUMP 2020. Blue/left policies are KILLING baltimore. There is so much potential here that is being thrown away.

Property tax values are highest in the country. This must stop. Blight causes crime, crime causes blight…

Every citizen should carry a gun if they feel unsafe.

The baltimore politicians are the biggest criminals ruining the “could be beautiful” city

J – Remington

As a 26 year old woman knowing what I know, I already have gotten involved a long time ago. I speak to whom ever I run across and leave a big impact on them. Forget all that being behind a television or PC, I’m literally face to face trying to spread as much love and good energy to people. That’s all it takes is love. I have a voice and heart, and I use it!

Tayconya – West Forest Park

I going to make sure that I let my voice be heard when voting for city leaders. Also I’m going to attend the upcoming town hall meeting. I will continue to be involved in my son’s school academically.

Jasmine – East Baltimore Midway

The people running for position of Mayor need to be transparent with all financial, business interactions from the beginning and while in office. Side businesses need to vetted from being used to benefit that person, family and friends in advancement of their position. We need beat officers or community sub-stations in neighborhoods that know the people, businesses and community needs on a community level. They need to have officers living in the City communities and tax breaks for those that do live actually live in the city and work for the government.

Sophia – Gwynns Falls

Lets be a mother to the motherless and be a father to the fatherless lets stop being our Children friend and be their parent.

Adjua – Reservoir Hill

I will be voting and will take every opportunity to ensure my family and neighbors remain in close contact to take care of each other.

Blanca – Patterson Park Neighborhood

Serve and love the community. Be kind and spread kindness. Be vigilant in my voting. Demand complete and utter financial transparency.

Caitlin – Canton

Property taxes. I am 66, my husband was a city police over 32 yrs. when he passed away I am only getting half of his pension but my expenses were not cut in half. It’s a struggle.

Geraldine – Lauraville

Take a stand and Fight against the corruption within the Baltimore City Council!

Tonia – Ashburton

My comments are total concern for the rampid crimes by young people in the city…WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS!…The police could do their jobs if the parents would put the fear of God in their children. Like the lady during the riots who jacked her son up right on camera she should get mother of the year award. Parents now want to be friends with their children..I am not my child’s friend I’m his mother, he’s 25 and still fears me and respects me. If the elected officials also put this thought in their message…maybe something would change….just my 2 cents

Donna – Broening Manor

Vote in the next election if I don’t move my family out of the city first.

Holly – South Baltimore

I LOVE BATIMORE !!!!! As I Was Raised; Educated; And Reared By My Late Grand-Parents, Virginia And Frank Thomas, Sr Via The Ashburton Area Within Baltimore City . With That Said, I Graduated From Western High School; Then, Continued To Harvard University Via Phi Theta Kappa/Magna Cum Laude. Yes, Despite Negative Stigmas And Sterotypes, Baltimore Is Capable Of Producing Productive Individuals, Groups, And Entities; Despite, Its Deploravle An Outlandish Reputation ! Curretly, I Am The CEO Of A Venture Capitalist Firm In Beverly Hills CA; Yet, Commute To My Hometown—Baltimore. Therefore, I REFUSE TO ALLOW MY HOMETOWN TO DIMINISH ANY FURTHER WITH NONSENSE CRIME; MURDERS; AND FILTH. Ironically, Baltimore Is Underperforming Due To Lack Of Capital, Policing; Leadership; Technology, Innovation; And Education. With That Said, Many Business-Owners, Corporations, And Entreprenuers, Will Undoubtedly Re-Elect Mayor Sheila Dixon, As I Will Certainly Make This Statement Public In The Near Future…….

Traci – Ashburton

I had to leave the city to get some type of security for my family. Solving the problem for me was just to leave the city.

Teasha – Dolfield

My husband and I have been living in the city since 1999. I am a state employee and he is a high school teacher. We are absolutely blessed that our children attend one of the best public charter schools in the city. However, we have watched this city deteriorate to the point of no return. Ineffective leadership, corruption, incompetence, no accountability, lack of city agency cohesion, a broken education system and a broken juvenile justice system has destroyed this city. If those currently in office are re-elected, we have vowed to move out. Every morning I wake up and worry about my family’s safety. I’m done. I was initially against calling in the National Guard, but with police officers being brutally attacked by juveniles as well as senior citizens and children caught in the cross-fire of drug-fueled shootings, it now seems warranted more than ever. I have been a registered Democrat for 30 years…and I voted for Hogan – twice! It is a detriment to the citizens of Baltimore that politics is the main deterrent of the State taking over the city. I am in favor of receivership. Now is the time to save this city.

Allison – Brewers Hill

Listen the people with guns and drugs are living some where with someone. New rule to combat crime if your caught or are a well know member of any type of illegal crimes you and anyone living in the home you are living in will be evicted your homes if owned will be confiscated. We all need to stop blaming the POLICE for the crimes going on and place blame where it belongs on the communities in which it’s happening. Only those committing the crimes can stop them. How can we put community centers equipped with how to find a job as well as how to obtain your GED help.libraries and parks. Put down the guns n drugs n build up your community bring businesses there that will hire from the community. One block at a time. I believe this can be done with great leadership. I’m from NYC via the Bronx been here 2 yrs an can’t believe what I’m hearing and seeing but I’m not leaving.

Sandra – North Harford Road

Until corruption is rooted out and dealt with harshly, in City Hall, the school system and the Police Department, Government can’t change the criminal element. Once they see the punishment for Government corruption and their criminal behavior, they will know their next in line and will be dealt with in a way that the punishment fits the crime. The criminal element have no fear of terrorizing the streets of Baltimore, why, because City Government is terrorizing the very same walls the criminal element stand in. They fear no one because they see a Government in crisis. Fix the crisis in Government and then you won’t have a City in crisis. Bless you

Michael – Downtown

Vote for someone outside of the current city and state government for Mayor. Vote out the Baltimore States Attorney and get someone tough on criminals regardless of their age race or social/economic circumstances. Make it illegal to panhandle or clean windshields on city streets without a license and enforce current laws against impeding traffic. Seek tax returns for all people registering to run for office. Enact new or stricter term limits for every city position. We need new thinking in city government and people who haven’t gotten rich from taxpayer money.

Bill – Canton

I’m going to vote AGAINST the elected officials we have now both the Mayor and the Council President all just talk and no action. They both need to be replaced. I don’t believe that neither are truly concerned about our city, but only concerned about the title that they are NOT upholding. The both should be REPLACED.

Kim – Belair-Edison

Hope and pray for change

Charles – Hampden

Vote for T.J. Smith. He seems not to be corrupted…yet.

Karen – Eastwood

change the leadership completely

Jennifer – Highlandtown

I personally plan to vote in new different officials who are not incumbent.

Garry – Bolton Hill

Hold our city leader accountable for there acting. Brandon Scott use to be our council man in our area. He did nothing for our area. I haven’t meet the new one yet. The way I feel, our delegate McCray do more for our area than the council man. We need ppl that care, not about a political gain. Our block really need speed bumps. The fire department said no. We have a lot of kids on Raspe Ave. The school Glenmont needs more staff to watch as the kids come on our block. The kids start fighting and parents jumping in to defend their kids get jump by a group of kids. I see that the government need to start holding parents responsible for their kids. You gave them life and they are your responsibility to make sure they don’t miss behave. Parents receiving government assistance should have to volunteer at you child school 20 hours a month. Let’s stop them parents from keep having kids they can’t afford. Some of our black kids have no home training, disrespectful to our elderly, vandalizing the community and taking over corners to sell there drugs. Our city is controlled by drugs and drug dealers. Since freddy gray our city hasn’t been the same. Folks ridding around with no car insurance killing people. What are our city officials going to do. The only person that’s not Crockett that’s running for mayor is TJ Smith. He really wants a change that’s why he left the police department. We need people that care for us not to let the city fall apart to let the white people to move back to the city. The city has a hidden agenda why the city is like this. The city want to bring wealthy in our city and move blacks out. That’s why our city giving you section 8 to move out the city. Thats why we have so many empty rat infested homes. We get trash pickup one day a week. Homes with 10 people in it. Don’t have enough space in he trash cans for trash to go. That’s why it’s being dump. Put the big city bens in area where you see the most trash to help the neighborhood. Baltimore City need the state of Maryland to jump in and take over. Elected officials can’t do it and no one been held accountable.

Ena – Glenham-Belhar

I’m going to sell or rent my home and leave until the city is gentrified.

Rod – Ashburton

Vote the right people to office. Support businesses and events that give back to the community and the youth. Volunteer with these groups.

Stephen – Beechfield

Vote and hope they do the right thing or I’m leaving

wayne – Eager Park

I am listening very closely to everyone running for Mayor, to see how they are going to make this city much safer,cleaner and a much better City Hall. WE REALLY NEED TO CLEAN OUT CITY HALL AND BRING NEW BLOOD WITH NEW IDEAS ON HOW TO MAKE OUR CITY GREAT AGAIN.

Leonard – Mount Vernon

Leave the city if I don’t get shot first!

William – Saint Josephs

May sure I vote for a change in our current public officials

Willie – Belair-Parkside

Get more involved and stay informed. As the saying goes, ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. The problems that Baltimore is facing is no different than has happened to past civilizations. Our biggest issues are mental health and moral decay. We already have a book of guidance for life sent to us in our houses of worship. Funding these organizations more than governmental ones would be a great start. Moral development would hinder a propensity to do crime, be corrupt, or turn to addictions. Houses of worship have done counseling services for hundreds of years. And put some acknowledgement of a Higher Power back into the schools. God has been pushed to the back burner.

Ella – Belair-Edison

I have applied to numerous Baltimore City jobs, one being qualified for helping homeless and for over a year that job has been reposted without receiving anything. We have citizens that want to help the city in numerous ways but can’t afford to work for free. I was working on a special project with Community Action Partnership and first hand saw how money was being wasted and stolen. I sent information to the investigation unit and then was mistreated by staff. Finally the leader was fired but after stealing millions of dollars. I don understand why the city don’t want god worker.

k – Broadway East

Vote for the candidate who appears to have a more genuine interest in the condition of our city.

Nadine – Cedmont

If we go back to the neighborhood residents take bk their block. If you don’t live in the neighborhood call police and take PICTURES to make them leave,post them on face book,then see what happens.

Juddie – Biddle Street

Engage my community through programs that can strengthen the family

Anthony – Mcelderry Park

Vote them out!

Stephanie – Winston-Govans

Baltimore city government is a disgrace, money is wasted year after year, the schools are an embarrassment, the people running for office are a disgrace a well, if you are running for an office seat one of the requirements should be you must not have been convicted of any crimes!!! why would anyone vote to have a person back in office who proved to be dis honest & un worthy the first time. City hall needs to be cleaned out of old policy makers and new people should be appointed.

Kim – Overlea

I plan to vote for the best mayoral candidate to address these issues, TJ Smith. I also plan to continue to be involved in the concerns and politics of Baltimore City.

Evelyn – Fallstaff

Vote for new leaders that have the citizens of Baltimore safety and well beings in mind, other than lining their pockets with bribes, and people that show how much they really care about the communities, and the high crime rate.

Jalen – Belair-Edison

-First of all, I live in “Pigtown”. I choose Morrell Park as the area that I live in because it is the closest one that I saw. Even though you listed “Pigtown as an example, you didn’t have “Pigtown listed in your choices. As for this question…What am I going to do about what? Is this question in reference to the last one listed? Do I trust the current elected leaders to run Baltimore? If so then my answer is this… I am going to vote for someone else to run the city, when the elections for mayor and city council come up.

Daniel – Morrell Park

The first thing is we want to protect our children, I lost my son 5/19 and when i called the school they gave my daughter a lollipop, I was just calling to tell them what happened and just to keep a look out for her. I wanted to purchase a taser for her I know she cant have it in school but she travels from east to west Baltimore and leaves out the house at 6am, to get to school when it is dark. Why cant city schools have a yellow bus service, for years I have been trying to figure out the difference between county and city they should all be the same. We are all in Maryland. To me no one really cares about city schools or our kids. When I go to the schools about my concerns they tell me not to worry. Well I go to meetings, I have kids from my daughters class come over and we talk about their concerns and what we can do. I really do not believe that opening the rec centers will resolve this problem we need more officers in high crime areas, tax payers are paying all this money for cameras around the city and majority of them do not work, and if they do work they cant see a thing. But go to Wal-Mart and the cameras are clear and can see everything. Why cant we get better camera system or at least an update. I also think that parents need help at home kids are going out here trying to make their own money because their parents are struggling. I work everyday and I struggle when my daughter may want a $75 pair of shoes and I had to pay a bill they want things. I do believe that these kids can start working way before 16 and they should have year round Youth Work programs for the kids. They need things during the year and should learn early if you want something you have to work for it. Start them young.

Nichole – Bayview

I am observing all details, and weighing my options on who my vote will go to. I feel as though if the government put discipline back in the homes and stop telling parents they will go to jail when they discipline their unruly teens the city will have less crime. I understand that everyone is not for to be a parent, but if they never gave a child the option to call the police in their parents years ago parents would never have lost control over their households, and the city wouldn’t be so corrupt. That’s just my opinion.

Tareco – Brooklyn

Sit back and listen. It’s not the schools fault for the kid being’s how the child was brought up. Get these kids in the house on time, teach them respect, don’t have 5 of them!! And don’t live on social services. If I can do it being a single mother, my child is grown and turned to be a good man. Hallelujah! Then everyone else can! End of story! 🙂

Charlene – Brooklyn

I am in constant fear. Not just fear of being shot in the streets but I also fear police. The lack of respect police have for citizens is terrible. I have had two incidents of officers coming to my home intimidating me and interrogating when I have done nothing wrong. The complaint line to report this behavior is a joke. I made a report to Ms. Kline of the BCPD and having heard back. The entire city lacks leadership and integrity. This city is lead by fear.

Antoinette – Boyd-Booth

Keep going to meetings & keep trying to help our youth

Laura – Baltimore Highlands

I have attended a few Town Hall meeting amd the persons in charge were not there. I hope to attend another.

Renee – Brooklyn

Continue to use 311 , when I see guys hanging out and about trash issues. Willing to do more but not confident my identity will be protected.
I think the City should be ran like Corporations ( that gives more accountability). The Governor needs to hold the Mayor accountable and the Mayor holds every Councilman accountable.
The Councilman and Police Captains should spend a minimum of 15 hours in the district to see what’s going on and have to send a weekly report to the Mayor. The Mayor in turn have a weekly call with the Governor recapping the findings and the plans on fixing them short term and long term. We need to go back to trash pick up twice a week. I know it’s an expensive to do so, but if you look at the overtime we are spending it. We are spending it because there is no checks and balances. DPW should fine anyone who is not putting the trash out properly .

Keesha – Brooklyn

Vote for someone with a zero tolerance attitude..

Beth – Guilford

First I’m going to vote for the right person secondly appear at as many town hall meetings to give as many ideas or suggestions I can cause this is an reaction to the D.O.J decree how can we expect our law enforcement to do their jobs fearing losing their jobs with threats of going to prison of course we can’t allow our law enforcement to break laws ,but they need to feel free to do their jobs without prejudice, yet we need training ,and collaboration with all districts ,states attorneys office ,federal ,and government officials and definitely need a change of leadership with prejudiceness within the ranks of law enforcement the fraternal order most definitely need a change of leadership not enough brown people have opportunity for advancement .

Bo – Concerned Citizens Of Forest Park

Baltimore City politicians are corrupt! I want term limits, and clean house now of all current city politicians.

Joe – Roland Park

Judges should be expelled when letting violent offenders off easy

E dvardas – Brooklyn

I’m not going to vote for the usual suspects, not that I did anyway. It is time to clean house, not one person in Baltimore government has done anything effective. We are currently looking for a new home, it’s time to go. The schools are horrible, fortunately my child is at a good charter. If that didn’t work out we would have gone private and that is still an option. Criminals getting a slap on the wrist is an insult to victims and their families, repeat offenders walking the streets has gotten out of hand. The city is a mess, twice a week trash pick up needs to come back. It would help with the trash in the streets and the rat issue. People wouldn’t dump in the city if they didn’t have to wait 2-3 months for a pickup. Who wants to keep old furniture in their homes while moving new stuff in…for months? Is the sanitation department still over paying their employees while trash is still blowing out of trash cans around the city?

K.D. – Hollins Market

Long ago i was a city resident live across from sears just to give you an idea how long ago.( at north ave. & broadway) Robbed.
Over 300 souls this city’s toll. Last year and four before. To many lives before their time. Now gone just for the taking. Young and old now sleeping souls. And we say this shouldn’t be. Seems we raised our youth. To say its their due. This tab carried year to year. With over 300 souls for taking.
Then stand in shock as that number pops! And still deaths total numbers grow. Only casting shame and look to blame a system we put in place, who tries to keep pace. To clear our disgrace. Not to point a finger of truth. Hoping there’s no proof. To a criminal we fear we are raising.

carolyn – Dunbar-Broadway

I feel like they need to get all new people on office because time has change this is a new génération we are dealing with

Deborah – Coldstream Homestead Montebello

We are moving

Maria – Oaklee

Sherwood Ave; The block is overrun rats and raccoons with all the trash.

Antonio – Oliver

Be a voice in the Community and get involved in more town hall meeting to see if we can do more about the crime on our streets.

Larry – New Northwood

support and vote

IVYS – Highlandtown

I want to address the current city in crisis and give some incite as to why we are in this situation.#1 This is not a physical or natural crisis, it is a spiritual battle between The Lord and HIS people and the devil and his people #2 a battle between good and evil#3 a battle against right and wrong.We are trying to fight a spiritual battle with natural and physical weapons when you can only fight a spiritual battle with the Spirit of the Lord.We need the churches,synagogues,temples etc to unite together and make themselves available to pray and do whatever they can do to get involved in this spiritual battle.We also need to stop asking what the differences are in the mayoral candidates crime plans and find out what their similarities are and put them together to form a cohesive crime plan where everyone is on the same page which will give the criminal element a visual united front that they would have to reckon with.The criminals have a united front because they know that there is no united front to combat their activity.The governor,mayor,City Council,States Attorney,FOP,Commissioner all need to stop attacking and pointing fingers at each other, get in agreement and then we can expect change.Also , if you read Proverbs.Chapter30 verses 1-17 you will see that the generation today has no respect for father,mother , or any form of authority.Its a generation of give me, give me, give me and do not hold them accountable for there actions.It all begins at home.

Jay – Federal Hill

vote, clean up my neighborhood, stay alert/aware… too many leaders are fighting each other instead of reaching and working towards a common goal to make Baltimore City safe; one example , City Councilman President Brandon Scott fights his boss Jack Young.. Jack Young seems not to have a clue how to run the city and afraid to seek help from other successful leaders wi, As a black man, im afraid to walk the streets in the city… lets make a change for the better!

mr D – North Harford Road

Vote for a candidate who has not warmed a city council seat. I was born in the City, attended Western, bought my first home here as a City teacher in a promising area in the 80s. Then, I relocated and raised my family. However, I was happy to return to my City home in June. Then, the daily, random street crime erupted. The mother and babe assaulted in Fed Hill, the BPD chemist attacked on his way to work and the constant non-fatal shootings and homicides gave me pause. My community has experienced increased armed carjackings and street robberies night and day. The juveniles are Now robbing small restaurants by distracting the staff with water/bathroom requests and stealing patrons’ coats, bags, electronics. Am I willing to support my business neighbors? It’s at my own risk because the next time the juveniles may enter armed and rob the patrons. As I leave for work in the dark, my attention is focused on surveying the area near and extended, the purpose of the people ( walking the dog, scurrying to the car) and checking my car before entering. This is no way to live! Hogan’s tax incentive for retirees may not be enough to anchor me to my lovely City home and community , if an existing politician becomes mayor in April.

Evelyn – Canton

At this point I feel like I’m hands are tied. I’m so discouraged and afraid that someone might be offended by my opinion and kill me. I’m afraid for my life

Brittany – Edmondson Village

Vote Start holding elected officials responsible for the job they have.

E – Madison Park

Vote for someone reliable who has their own plan, l.p.highly educated or leave the state. I cannot continue to live in fear.

Tonia – Edmondson Village

Our city schools barely have heat and air. 99% of classroom are over crowded. Teachers are under paid. Our city has a Ridiculous crime and homicide rate for numerous years in a row. Streets that we drive on have craters as pot holes. With all this that should be a priority our Mayor, and city coucilmen and women get raises for 2020. How do our elected officials honestly accept the raises when they know the situation and Circumstances of Baltimore City.

Reginald – Belair-Edison

I will not be voting for anyone that has already held a seat in office for the Mayoral election. We need change there is so much corruption and misleading information. I can’t understand how the sitting Mayor could say the new crime plan is working. Try telling that lie to someone who has lost a loved one to street violence. One murder is too many!!

Jeneen – Kenilworth Park

Continue fighting for change for our children.

Kisha – Oliver

I’m a disable citizen of the city and it is hard to even go out and not be scared that something is going to get you or someone I am going to go to support young women with disabilities and we try to let them know that sometimes you just have to stay in your lane and not deal with the outside because it’s not safe for a regular standing person let alone a person in a wheelchair.

Rhonda – Baltimore Highlands

I’m working on a ‘Save Our City Acknowledgement and Action Plan’ to be given to at least 2 or 3 want-to-be next major candidate during an upcoming February 2020 town hall meeting.

Jeffrey – Care

I don’t know. I’m overwhelmed with sadness and heartache for our city. I will vote!!!

N – Irvington

Do my research on the people running for office.

Janet – Federal Hill

I believe city councilman president Brandon Scott assessment of DPW cleaning white neighborhoods and not black was not a fair statement if he is the next mayor the city will still be heading in the wrong direction there needs to be less finger pointing and more accountability !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill – Eastwood

Since I have been in the rental business for over 40 years in the city, and I now can’t get tenants who are willing to pay market rates because of the crime and schools, I want to sell and move away but no one wants to buy. Flippers are the market and they are having problems in selling as well. The city departments DON’T provide the services we pay for. No need to call the police in our area because it is normal for them to take 2-3 hours to show up if they do. With the massive amount of time we are in “G3” a good many calls are just ignored. I was a commissioner for several years dealing with the corruption at city hall and resigned because I wouldn’t play their corrupt games. I support complete audits of every city agency, department and office. The schools play the numbers game and the teachers care more about their pockets than the students. Every city agency I have ever dealt with has proven over and over they are corrupt from top to bottom. Housing, DPW, and others. I will continue to bitch and call them as I see them. The corrupt inspectors in multiple departments all need to go. If you are connected in any way to a politician, you historically get better service. This goes from trash, snow removal, water leaks building inspections and most other things. The city work force is down right pathetic. Half can’t communicate and the other half have no idea what they are doing. Just take away the crib sheet or ask a valid question. They can’t answer nor have an educated conservation about what they should be taking care of. I will keep fighing.

Butch – Waltherson

Move the hell away from here

Rick – Berea


Barbara – Remington

The police, mayor, city council can’t solve the problem of violence. Those are behavioral problems that need to be addressed when a person is a child by their parents and family. Morals, values, the difference between right and wrong, and realizing that there are consequences for one’s actions NEED to be instilled from the start . Children are always testing their limits and there absolutely has to be a family there to teach them what those limitations are. And more importantly what happens when those limitations are exceeded. And that’s not something the police, the mayor, the city council, etcetera can do because they can’t be there to supervise and support every childyoung person that needs it. Folks need to stop finding someonesomething to blame for every problem. Taking ownership is a MUST. When it’s “somebody else’s fault” it NEVER gets solved and that’s just the truth. Like it or not, that’s the truth and it’s the ONLY way these issues can be addressed. It will not happen overnight either. It will take a LONG TIME and it will be VERY difficult just like ANYTHING worthwhile is.

Chris – Reisterstown Station
Eric – Midtown-Edmondson

Get out of this city.

Linda – Darley Park

First, not re-elect them, as well as holding them accountable such as applying pressure on them to act accordingly. And if this does not work, I will have to report them. Also, make the city council have monthly meetings and email updates on the happenings in the neighborhood, good and bad. Likewise, have city council address various issues to the media on criminal activity in the neighborhood. Moreover, the 12th district is drug-infested community that is plagued with violence daily, Our councilman has yet to provide us safety or any updates in our neighborhood.

Marcus – Johnston Square

I’m tired of the same talking heads, from political legacy families; making the same promises every election that they never intend to keep. I’m tired of hearing the same excuses, for decades; about failing systems going unfixed due to budget issues. I’m tired of Baltimoreans being subject to a two party voter system, where neither side truly cares. So though I avoided it in the past, I’m strongly considering running in the next mayoral election as an independent.

Wayne – Forest Park

Vote, pray, and try to help the youth as much as possible. And be on heightened alert of my surroundings at all times.

Dominique – Belair-Edison

vote in the upcoming election because change is needed

Cleveland – Waltherson

Move out of the city because “safe areas” are no longer safe.

Concerned – Canton


RONALD – Brooklyn

I am opening my own school in Baltimore City to educate as many people as possible. This will give people a fighting chance to earn a decent wage. I have developed a k-12 education program as well as a college program. These educational programs are available to everyone who desires to enroll and can pay the tuition (no public funds).

Celeste – Pen Lucy

Keep praying

lelia – Barclay

I will continue to whatever is deemed necessary and appropriate to maintain a safe, peaceful, clean and decent community for my family and good neighbors…

Traci – Howard Park

Move out of city.

Richard – Curtis Bay

I am going to vote for a new Mayor that has not been associated with the city Mayor’s office or council in the past.

Victor – Broadway East

Whatever means necessary, to be honest the safest thing probably would be to move out of Baltimore

Shanika – Brooklyn

Vote Republican but in Maryland it’s a lost vote

Lawrence – Graceland Park

Leave Baltimore.

Robert – Remington

A could write a book on what I can and could do

Donta – Sandtown-Winchester

I call when I see thing happening in my neighborhood and I talk to men that have been addicted to drugs and show them their is a new way to live . I don’t believe the city leaders and police can turn crime around unless more people want it vs not

DARREN – Cedonia

Move out of the city

James – Canton

I am,voting for someone who,is not currently holding office.

Jeannie – Cross Keys

Vote new people in that never were elected in this city.

Aj – Canton

I think a vast majority of the crime and murders are drug related. So what are we going to do about the drug abuse in this city?
Why can’t people buy suboxone in local drug stores? Why do we force people to go to Methadone programs 6 days a week when people trying to get clean have little to no resources but these programs don’t provide transportation
Change the laws on our drug programs instead of keeping them as money makers

Gene – Overlea

Vote for the most qualified Mayoral candidate. If Brandon Scott wins, it will be the same old same old. He’s a snake in the grass.

Keyser – Inner Harbor

Would like the opportunity to have more input on decisions being made in city hall and Annapolis with civilians and elected officials. I have the solution for reducing crime in the that has never ever been thought of anywhere in the city or state government and quite possibly in the country, but I’m just an employee of the school system and not an elected official.

Shari – Hanlon-Longwood

Continue to stand up and speak up!

Millie – East Baltimore Midway

I am voting for all new leaders within the city of Baltimore.

Antoine – Belair-Edison

Vote, and help get rid of the Corrupt Elitist Evil Leadership… The need to be Exposed…

Sonita – Care

What am I going to do about this? As long as I remain in the city, I will not be voting for the “typical” candidates. My child will continue to go to good charter schools or private schools until we leave Baltimore City.

Anonymous – South Baltimore

Vote for Thiru

Taylor – Homeland

Work individually and collectively to elect the most qualified politicians and participate in community based initiatives to improve our city. I really love Baltimore.

Kerry – Locust Point

I really don’t know, because everyone plays out a part in this crime. We the city want the police to keep locking criminals up, but no wants to hold the judges accountable. WHY???

Joyce – Carroll-South Hilton

I will be voting republican however, I am a democrat. With all due respect my city council person Sharon Middleton has to be replaced during the next election cycle simply because she just doesn’t care about my neighborhood. Crime, trash, wildlife are all rampant in my community not to mention I’ve had to call Mrs. Middleton’s office repeatedly year after year to have grass in the neighborhood cut so we can walk on the sidewalk versus in the middle of the street. She’ll only respond to my concerns if it’s around Preakness and when I call Sen. Hayes office.

Monell – Langston Hughes

Vote for all new and fresh people who really care and want to change our city to make it nice again.. it’s went down hill after Mayor Schaeffer!!!

Juanita’s – Moravia-Walther

Honestly, what can be done? We had a major trash issue and it took a councilman from another district to handle the issue. I feel like our complaints fall on deaf ears

Towanda – Carrollton Ridge

If I could, I would return schools to operations of the 60s/70s where children had gym, home economics, shop, archery and swimming, too name a few, taught in schools. I have nieces/nephews that had never seen the equipment of the Olympic gymnastics core prior to the Olympics. Return the position of truant officers and counselors to schools.

Deborah – Belair-Edison

We need to clean house and that includes all city officials including the Baltimore city states attorney.

Kathleen – Brooklyn

I am going to my thorough research of elected officials and hold them accountable starting with elections. I will began to also contact the cuncilmans office with pressing issues instead of being idle.

Tia – Washington Hill

If I wasn’t 76 years old I’d get the hell out of this hell hole. The mayor defends these squeegeeing thugs because they mostly rob the elderly white people, that’s why their letting them do what they do.

Jerome – Graceland Park

Pick the best candidate given what we have to work with!!!

Zina – Mondawmin

– More harsh penalties for violent crimes and repeat offenders; much needed support from the State’s Attorneys Office.
– Restructuring of BPD; administrative changes are needed to attract new talent, additional officers are needed, set a higher standard for officers, increase wages, HAVE ELECTED OFFICIALS SUPPORT BCPD; all aforementioned suggestions would not only improve the quality of existing officers, but inhibit attrition and attract additional talent
– “Squeegie Kids,” pan handlers, etc. should not be in intersections or roadways; this is both a safety concern for those individuals on the roadways, but also for vehicular traffic
– School funding for BASIC amenities; air conditioning, heat, after-school programs
– Encourage public works projects involving public clean up and repairing/replacing existing infrastructure

Amy – Highlandtown

Vote, read and get involved in issues of concern.

Weltine – Mount Vernon

When election day arrives I will cast my vote to oust the current political regime in favor of new blood & fresh ideas.

Lynn – Forest Park

Vote out the current leadership and vote in new blood

James – Locust Point

Pray and vote for change in our city. And what can I do. Open for suggestions. Not sure what to do

Beverley – Cedonia

Want to Greatly reduce gun violence in Baltimore mandatory 30 yrs. No Parole guns used in crimes

Anthony – Armistead Gardens

As soon as I am elgible, I will run against the current regime.

Gary – Butchers Hill

Continue to support the city by purchasing items from city stores. Work with you parents and their children. Write letters to politicians regarding, trash, gangs, poor housing, boarded up houses, crime, school system. Demonstrate, demonstrate, demonstrate. Attend town hall meetings.

Imogene – Broadway East


Aaron – Mount Washington

Vote for change in the parties currently running the city. The taxes continue to go up, and so does the crime. Its heart breaking to see crime running people and business’s out of the city. I feel the police are not supported, nor do they have the backing they need.

Justin – Canton

Vote for the lesser of the evils. Not for anyone with prior conviction as is done with “regular” citizens/residents whose crimes are no excused, overlooked nor rewarded with public offices.. Politics are for the benefit of politicians, their family and friends. How else could one inherit a political position. They try to make it look Fair, but decisions are made before you(the public) are invited to the process. I vote to honor my ancestors who worked hard and died young for the right to vote in the land of the free and home of the inslaved.

Deborah – Berea

I’m moving

Andeidra – Allendale

If Baltimore and politics pull together we will at least 50% better then now🙏🏾

Tremaine – Patterson Park Neighborhood

The Mayor & Governor should agree to allow the National Guard to be placed in certain areas within the city so that the police department can better focus their time on solving crimes of murder and change their strategy on reducing crime.
I no longer live in the city however, i have resided in ODH and other parts of the city prior to moving away.

Anthony – O’Donnell Heights

I have been living at the same Residence for 35 years now and my neighborhood has gone from being great to being extremely filthy and crime-ridding. I have filthy neighbors and drug dealers living in my block. When you try to talk to someone within City Hall they give you the Run-Around or they plain outright ignore your concerns. Over the past couple of years there have been numerous shootings and killings around my block and neighborhood.

Richard – Belair-Edison

Vote For the best candidate

Kenneth – Forest Park

Keep my family safe,self educate my children and keep them aware of the state of our conditions in the city

Dan – Belair-Parkside

put new ppl in office

johnnie – Pimlico Good Neighbors

Vote and stay on my toes and my surroundings.

Denise – Canton

We are plagued with so many issues here in Baltimore city, and the million-dollar question is what if anything can or will be done so we can begin to heal? (Everyone don’t answer at once) Our city is hurting we are in more than a crisis. We need help, and we need it now. Instead of everyone pointing the blame everyone must be on one accord, so that a solution can be reached. Everyone being on the same accord begins with our elected officials, Police Commissioner, States Attorney, Judges, and Penal system to address the violence. More must be done to protect potential witnesses since that is the only way along with evidence to secure a conviction in most cases. The criminal justice system needs to be revamped. Out of 348 homicides the clearance rate was only 73%. (Totally unacceptable) Certain cases are solved and then there are others that aren’t, that’s an issue that needs to be addressed as well. There is a culture change that too is needed. I understand that our elected officials are baffled and frustrated as well, because they don’t know how or where to begin, due to it being so much to deal with. Know the residents too are broken, some of our young people are hopeless, and something must be done to give them something to look forward to.

I recall growing up and death is something that was only heard of maybe when an elderly person was ill. Unfortunately, now you hear about people dying at an unprecedented pace. It is so disheartening that our young people are dying at such an alarming rate. Some people have no regards for human life. On several street corners throughout Baltimore you can see people holding candle light vigils, you see candles, teddy bears, or balloons and it is a continuous reminder that something needs to be done to end this senseless violence. My heart aches for the many people who have loss loved ones as a result thereof.
In 2019 we had 348 homicides, and over 700 non-fatal shootings. The homicide rate would have increased if those failed attempts would have been carried out. People are losing their Fathers, Brothers, Mothers, Wives, Husbands, Sisters, enough is Enough. It’s almost like people have become desensitized to the violence. More needs to be done to address the repeat and violent offenders who continuously are released back in to society only to re-offend again.

The police department is under a consent decree, and it makes it hard for officers to do their jobs, because they are over worked and fatigued. We have a shortage in our Baltimore police department, and that shortage will only continue due to individuals not wanting to come to Baltimore because of the many issues we are faced with. People are attempting to get their families out of Baltimore. Other cities who were under a consent decree may have had time to turn things around. We all known change doesn’t occur over night, but we don’t have 5 years. We are in dire need NOW.

Our children are suffering because of issues within the school system. A lot of people are traumatized because of all the violence that constantly occurs. We have so many issues, some to include Substance abuse, homelessness, led paint, trash and debris, lack of funding for our schools, misappropriation of funds, and corruption in our local government. I hope that everyone can put their egos aside and focus on a remedy to all these problems, so that we can someday get back to being a better Baltimore. When you know better, you do better.

Justice – West Hills

Nobody currently in city hall is worth voting for. Gun laws need to be stricker. To many liquor stores which breeds crime. the whole city government is corrupt. more career jobs and training. bottom line we are in a spiritual warfare. This earth is the devils dormain. The church’s need to take gods word to the streets and win souls.

kevin – Edmondson Village

The BPD, SAO and CH officials continue to preach about taking a holistic approach. The holistic approach will not work for most violent offenders. Some individuals are violent and have to dealt with. Sad to say, a system with corruption can not win a war on crime. Corruption is crime and it exists in each of those agencies…different types of corruption, but they all affect the citizens of Bmore. Each agency has good employees that work hard to help the citizens, but each agency has employees that are doing things that affect the citizens. The BPD wants the world to believe the corruption ended with the task force take down, but it did not. No city can move forward with a law enforcement agency that works hard to back up the corrupt individuals, but allow the good men and women to be treated unfair within the department if they speak up about corruption against the citizens. A department that falsifies police reports to justify corruption. Any department that has no respect for their good men and women, sure as hell can not have respect for the citizens of their city. As for the SAO, their are good men and women working hard to help witnesses. They also work hard to secure convictions to help victims get some justice when crimes are committed against them and their love ones while making sure they do not violate the defendants rights in the process. However, some in the SAO have backed up defendants in a casual way to help make it easy for them because helping someone. If you talk to those that know firsthand, some in the SAO has no respect for victims and witnesses. Complaints to these agencies are a waste of time…..they will always back up and cover up for those they employ. Next time officials say the residents need to speak up and work with the same back stabbers that have and continue to violate them, they need to stop, go allow a member of law enforcement to beat them, have their complaints tossed out and laughed at, then watch a prosecutor cut a deal with a defendant that violated them or murdered their loved one and sorry wish we could’ve done more and see if they feel the same way about working with them. As for CH…Baltimore City leadership is corrupt too…anytime citizens have lost their homes to water bills for a few thousand dollars, but hotels and restaurants been owing thousands for years and they are still in business with working faucets and toilets. Corruption can not make a city better…….

Victim of lost love one & corruption – Montebello

Well, other than voting, I am not sure what else. I try to get involved in the activities of the PTO at my school, it is completely dysfunctional. I have voiced my concerns to the ombdusman, i have offered to volunteer at the school where my son goes to sort out the substitute issues no luck. they told me they have done all they can do; i have volunteered with different organizations, different causes but it is just labor that one puts in. Additional changes need to take place in the system and I dont have a voice other than voting..
systemic changes need to happen at the policy level, program level, etc.

circey – Charles Village

City leaders do not seem to care some times you have to take matters in your own hands street justice seem to be the last straw

James – South Baltimore

Vote for Thiru Vignarajah for Mayor

Lauren – Fells Point

Continue to seek for resources

James – Lower Edmondson Village

Continue to seek for resources

James – Lower Edmondson Village

Until all the corruption in our local government there is nothing we as citizens can do.. You made it public that there are not enough police officers and that criminals get a slap on the wrist for a crime committed. I don’t even want to waist my time or public money for a trail it’s a waste of time and money. At the same time if money is being stolen why not steal it in front of our faces. That’s what I think court is a legal way of stealing In front of you face.. it’s all a joke and I’m sure there are allot of laughs behind our backs about how much money is being redirected into the hands of liars and thieves. I’m praying that’s a sure thing..

Awaba – Fallstaff

Not much I can do by myself but I do believe we as people collectively should do more. Here we are hundred”s” of police understaffed while our president is putting up billions of dollars to build a wall..There is just such a disconnect in our city with reality. Everyone has become numb and sadden by the trajedies that occur on a daily and regular basis now that its sadly expected. You can honestly close your eyes at nite, wake up the next morning for work, turn on the news and at the same time, ask yourself ” how many people didn’t make it to their families last nite”. It’s sad when your heart is heavy before turning on the news now. I have two teenage girls that I’m trying my hardest to get out of this city

Just – Canton

If I get appointed by the Mayor for a position, I want to clean the police department and the school system to make it better for the Citizens of Baltimore. I would transfer every Major in the Police Department every six months, because they get to complacent and is a part of the crime, especially in the Northwestern District. The Major in the Northwestern District is corrupt and work together with the criminals. You be dead before the police get to your home, and the Northwestern District can care less. How many guns were placed on the street by the Gun Trace Taskforce? The Police Department is a part of the crime, and stop hiring friends and family to do a job that they are not qualified to perform.

Better cameras should be in all neighborhoods. Use the traffic cameras in the neighborhoods, because you see everything with those cameras. I would like to fire the Police Commissioner, and the City School Superintendent and her HR Director. These people just as crooked and corrupt and should be paid the salaries that they are receiving. No leader or city official should not be paid a higher salary or receive bonuses until they demonstrate his/her performance in making things better for the citizens and children of Baltimore. They should receive a lower salary until they improve in their performance.

A memorial wall should be built for families of victims of violent crime. Make police do foot patrol in the neighborhoods, and stop letting them sleep and do other things in the patrol car. Utilize the excess money from public works to help the squeegee kids; rebuilding neighborhoods; grants to assist the elderly, single parents, and children; financial assistance for garbage disposal, citizens water bills, housing vouchers, and public utilities. Gun buyback programs, and increase sentencing guidelines for criminals in the court system. Bring back the 3-Strike law for criminals and juveniles, which they cannot commit more the three crimes or they will receive the maximum sentence of 35 years in prison.

Valencia – Gwynns Falls

I will continue to report what I see, the good and the bad. Pay attention to the candidates who want to govern my city, hoping they are genuine. Get involved in community activaties that are in support of the youth. Pray for my city, its leaders and its neighbors.

Alice – New Northwood

As an investor we are trying to get out of the city and invest elsewhere. We have also been staying away from the city like a lot of the people we know and no longer go to any city events or restaurants. Unfortunately we have no voting power although our finances are impacted by the way Baltimore citizens are voting.
Baltimore and its citizens should be forced to follow the law. Politicians with a previous criminal history should not be able to run or hold any office or continue to collect any retirement.

Roswitha – Belair-Edison

What can I do? Some believe the answer is Not Voting. Others Believe the Answer is Voting A.D.O.S. Down Ballet (See; Breaking Brown’s Yvette Carnell on YouTube).

Jay – Coldstream Homestead Montebello

I will vote protest or what I can to help First you got to get rid of the crooks that in authority all of Congress we need so new

Tammy – Johnston Square

I make reports and calls to 311 and 911 about the guys dealing drugs and posted up on the corner like its their home.,trash and unkept properties in the alleys as well as clean around my property. appearance is everything.
I will make sure that i choose a worthy candidates not one out of convenience. Change in this city starts and ends only when the citizens step up and demand change.
I feel Baltimore needs a do over mayor, councilpersons,school board etc…

Robin – Evergreen

Your survey is too vague. I would hirea convicted felon, but only if they were rehabilitated. I don’t trust all the current elected officials but i trust some. I don’t think all politicians are crooked. I am not a teacher.
As for the Squeegee kids and the people who are trying to help them, I actually was coerced into having my windshield cleaned today and when i mentioned to HER, that there were job programs in place specifically for sqeegee kids, she replied that she would rather do this than work for someone else. But she also expressed an interest in starting her own dog training business. Im currently unemployed and would LOVE an opportunity to get involved in helping these young people move forward while helping my own situation…

Pamela – Medfield

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to see that the citizens of Baltimore are safe, but we are only as good as our leaders. If we don’t have adequate leadership this is hat happens. This city is hurting the government’s corruption has robbed the citizens of adequate housing and employment, but first the citizens has to vote differently they have to vote for change. The seniors, children and adults are suffering the water bills to high to afford, living costs is outrageous and there is no assistance because everyone is concerned about themselves until we get to where we’re at. I used to love Baltimore and now I can’t think of one good thing about Baltimore I can think of thousands reasons to leave and not one reason to stay and that’s sad considering I been living in Baltimore my entire life

Lakeisha – Belair-Edison

Vote and attend the next summit.

Torri – Upton


Belinda – Cherry Hill

Vote in the next local elections.

Lashan – Mid-Govans

Obviously the plan in place is not and has not been working! It’s time for change! We need a new team that will be held accountable for their actions and their departments actions. Baltimore’s top priorities need to take a serious shift from the foam, straw and bag ban to something realistic like keeping its residence safe! Accountability Baltimore!

Amanda – Brooklyn

Help with self awareness. Show better communication skills. Be Polite to other.

Augustus – Loch Raven

I plan to be involved however I can to help resolve the problem that face this city.

Tracie – Belair-Edison

I have plans to move out of state.

Seteria – New Southwest / Mount Clare

I work with my neighbors and our delegate to get things done. However the police do not do what they should and they are not held accountable. The entire governmental system needs to be held accountable for what they are not doing. I hear a lot of we need to do this we need to do that but there is no action behind those words.

Tonya – Greektown

Move to the county

D – Butchers Hill

Move out of Baltimore ASAP

Charles – Edmondson Village

As much as time and resources permit!

Kia – Washington Village / Pigtown

I’m am so done with all these dems leaders. I want to see a change, I’ll vote all Reps this coming elections!

Gary – O’Donnell Heights

Your survey does not allow for N/A when you do not have children in school and to answer those questions properly so the best guess can only be applied.
The city leadership has not had an impact on violence in the city, improved education, removed trash, and the list is too long where they have failed the residents of B’More. Mayor Jack Young and councilman Brandon Scott have been in office for years and have not implemented any programs to make changes but now show up for public events to claim they have the answers. Really?????

TheGAP – Federal Hill

Sell our house and move as far away as we can get

LESLIE – Waltherson

Watch the newscast.

Kevin – Violetville

Move out of Baltimore

Steve – Cheswolde

Vote for new leaders.

Earl – Cedonia

I already did it. I moved out of Baltimore City in 1966 and never looked back. Upon hearing the comments made by a “squeegee kid” to Mr. Jack Young when Young recounted that the “squgee kid” said that “If you stop me from squeegeeing then I’ll sell drugs.” To which a surprised Young said, “OK. If you sell drugs then we will arrest you.” The “squeegee kid” replied, “If you do that then we will begin dropping bodies.” This short account proved to me that what we have in Baltimore are “squeegee animals” (no insult to animals everywhere) who deserve the street justice that they are giving out to their competitors. The sooner these animals kill each other off, the sooner Baltimore improves. Since I left Baltimore in 1966 I have not returned within the City Limits.

Heywood – Winston-Govans

Speak up

Dawn – Morrell Park

Going back to the police protection. I feel there is a major shortage in officers and that police are afraid to do anything since the Baltimore States Attorney would rather go on TV to attack an officer than getting on TV and letting he tax payers know how she plans to put bad people away. Mosby and the judges of Baltimore are pitiful. This is where focus is needed.

Douglas – Saint Agnes

The City is an absolute catastrophe. I have lived here all my life and the conditions in the City have changed dramatically. There is NO accountability. Nobody uses common sense for anyone. Ban plastic instead of holding violators who liter responsible. People blame the police for everything. They aren’t even allowed to do their jobs. We coddle kids and do not hold them or their guardian responsible for their actions. Slap everyone on the wrist. Everyone is a victim. It is absolutely ludicrous.

Janet – Upper Fells Point

Vote for Thiru for starters. I have trained and armed myself and family to protect us from violence. I report all suspicious activity in my neighborhood I use security – lights locks dogs and alarms to protect my home and property. I tell neighbors to do likewise. I contribute $ to Thiru’s campaign and will vote for him

Jim – Homeland

The city needs to be shut don cancel all activity, close business early ect

Danielle – Overlea

Vote them out!

Marlene – Federal Hill

A lot of people get frustrated with city leaders it’s the community that need to step up if you no someone is being abused or something is being over looked in their community say something .It’s also sad that we don’t feel safe when we call 911 A lady came home with 2 men inside her house stealing items out of her house and running out the back door.Police officers didn’t show up at all and had the nerve to call my number back in say do the young lady still needs assistance . When I was going to school teachers cared now these teachers are their just for the check. I’m always checking on my grandsons teachers .I want to no what what’s going on with his work in class and how can we help at home . And about being safe in your area I feel if they bring back Baltimore narcotics department these young men wouldn’t carry gun like they are now .No one is jumping out on these guys and frisking them. When they were out here crime was down and killings was every other 3-4 weeks it sure wasn’t every day .

Trina – Belvedere

Be aware of your surroundings anytime of the day.

Grafton A – Parkside

Nothing, because I live in Baltimore County. What a shabby poll, since anyone from anywhere can fill out this survey.

Joe –

I mean i live in Harford County so i’m good but i’ll pray for y’all.

Allison – Hoes Heights

Nothing we can do, your thoughts or suggestion doesn’t count

Sharonda – O’Donnell Heights

I moved out of Baltimore City, 7 years ago, and was the best decision, I have ever made. I now live in Mesa Arizona, being paid 16.58 a hour. I have never been stop, by the police, not one time here.

Larry – Forest Park

I do not condone the killing/murdering of anyone, but I get upset when I see these mothers, girlfriends or other relatives on television talking about their son who was killed. If Fox45 was to take the time and investigate most of the men/young men who were killed in 2029 they would find out that majority of those killed were mixed up in some criminal activity. Look around the city and see how many young men are hanging out on the corner or blocking the entrance way to some of the corner stores. Those bleeding heart mothers need to find out what their sons are out here doing. How do they know if their murdered son didn’t murder or assault someone? These mothers doesn’t have an idea what their sons are out here doing. I honestly believe that a majority of those murdered caused their own death. You will never see anyone get on television and tell some of the bad things a murder man was involved in. That would be like going to someone’s funeral and badmouthing the “dearly departed.”

A – Beechfield

ask for black men inconsiderate to be forced to rebuild housing giving them jobs instead of inconsideration. Teach our black men how to own there own business and not wait for anyone’s approval. Just think our God and stop the killing. Love your kids and show them before the man.

Zina – Belair-Edison

I definitely will not vote for Mayor Young, Councilman Scott, TJ Smith, Mary Williams or the former State prosecutor, who name I cannot pronounce or spell. But, I would vote for former Mayor Dixon.

Anthony – Beechfield

Remember this at the polls

Thaddeus J – Overlea

Vote for Mary Washington.

Janet – Brooklyn

I plan on working with community organizations, the community, religious institutions, businesses, local, state, and the federal government to solve the crisis Baltimore faces. I plan to work with the unknown new elected officials whom I believe will bring the changes Baltimore City so desperately needs. I also plan to continue to campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives to represent Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, the State of Maryland, and the country. I am the Muslim sister in the purple standing next to Mary Bubala at the first Town Hall Meeting. I was nervous when I spoke. I am a write-in/petition candidate but plan on filing the paperwork and $100 to be able to be on the ballot in April. I’ve been campaigning behind the scenes and have filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Mekkah – Cherry Hill

Vote and organize because Baltimore is awesome!!

Micaela – Hoes Heights

the persons on the corners panhandling holding squeegees are breaking the law. Why are they being protected. panhandling is not illegal but assaulting and intimidating people is. there are jobs and programs for people. everyone who owns a vehicle has a set of windshield wipers and windshield wash.
they are not doing a job. work is available. I am sure people are willing to give honest work. they can cut grass, sweep floors, rake leaves, clean houses, wash windows, watch children, tutor, home sit, walk pets, run various errands and help others.

pat – Downtown

I have confidence in many of our council members,

Betsy – Frankford

I hope to live in Baltimore city for another 40 years.

Courtney – Chinquapin Park

They are very corrupt

Sharon – Cedonia

I believe our neighborhood has to get together and make a stand for our area and make our government responsible and if each area does the same we can get things done. Not just talking about it.

JoAnn – Bayview

All I can do protect my family and teach my kids right so they won’t be future problems to our city. I think the parents should be held accountable for there childrens actions. If a minor commits a crime and is living in someones house, the owner of that house or parent should also be held accountable for that childs actions. It starts at home first. And get more help for families. Better help with Social Services. A lot of families rely on that help. And the service if terrible and the employees have major attitude problems. They put more effort into degrading and talking down to people then helping them. There are a lot of homeless people and abandoned houses. How bout give the homeless and the youth jobs and training in home improvement so that it give the youth useful skills and give the homeless a chance to work and make money. And give those homeless a chance to buy or rent the homes they fix.

Darryl – Gwynns Falls

Most of the crime problems revolve around drugs, drug addiction, low social standards creating single parents dealing with too many children (no fathers) or grandparents having to be guardians. No incentive for blacks (the City’s majority) to acquire an education to improve their lives. No respect for other people and property – jut an air of not caring – one bad thing leads to more & to more crime. Young persons get away with felonies because they know the system will not incarcerate minorities. Parents & guardians need to held responsible. God help us!

Paul – Reservoir Hill

Move out of the city – I have lost all hope and faith in elected officials, and I don’t believe the majority of the people living in the city, who enjoy liberal social programs, want or care about a change.

R – Little Italy


Rose – Lauraville

Report crimes in my neighborhood. Which I try to do I feel the police are not interested in helping this part of Federal Hill an often turn a blind to this little section of Federal Hill where there are many addicts goes unchecked and untouched.

Dawn – Federal Hill

The mayor need to call the governor and The governor need to have the national Guard to support the police to clean up the crime in the city and the county if I was mayor I would do that because it is a priority to protect the citizens from domestic violence which is the gangs drug dealers killing that that’s what we need if they don’t do this this will continue for the next 30 years because the system Is broken

Tometris – Loch Raven

I’m going keep working and try to move out poverty and snitch if I have to my brother was kill July 8 2018 cutis bay no killer was found Baltimore dangerous

Jasmine – East Baltimore Midway

I’ve stopped going in the city because of all the issues, leadership, squeegee kids, crime, and the condition of the roads is terrible.

Mark – Glen

HopeFully vote out or against the people I feel are not capable of filling any city position.

Michael – Hamilton Hills

Move out of the city

Jerry – Brooklyn

Move to SC

David –

Vote for the progressive democrats. Get rid of Hogan and Trump!

Michael – Charles Village

About what…?

Ann – Hamilton Hills


Anna – Glenham-Belhar

Can’t trust any of them.
Pick a new politician that has not been a leader of Baltimore

C – Biddle Street

Pray we have been talking for years and the situation with crime and untrustworthy government has gotten worst now everyone has a plan this killing didnt just start and now that it has gotten out of control everyone has a plan bring back the death penalty and hold people accountable for the crimes that they do we have people sitting on death row that’s been there for years wasting taxpayers money and looking at government like it’s a joke and it is

Lisa – Forest Park

It is out with the status quo. Obviously, it has not been a working formula for Baltimore city for the past decade

Joe – Canton

Vote republican.

Baltimore is a one-party town. They have run the city into the ground and think excessive taxes will fix it, It only leads to many taxpayers leaving the city to lower-tax areas. City schools do not prepare many of their students for the workplace, I have wanted to hire for jobs. Many of the city school graduates can not do simple math, their ability to read and community in English is sub par. I have hired many private school grads and they do much better. Most have excelled and quickly advance.

Greg – Charles Village

Support criminal justice reform so that we are providing real social supports instead of mass incarceration.

Halley – Evergreen

I volunteer at my child’s school as much as possible not just to keep an eye on my child but to help other children in need I also walk around my neighborhood and help pick up trash I doubt 311 on a regular basis when I see trash that is unsafe and unsanitary

Darrin – Lakeland

People leaving chairs to hold parking space.

Sailin – Beechfield

No. Not all of them there are three candidates that have my attention. I will be watching and listening closely.

Kesha – Howard Park

move out of city

Steve – Federal Hill

Vote ALL incumbents out. Vote for never before politicians candidates. Move out of the city in 2020.

Mister – Guilford

I’m going to continue to vote for representatives that care about our city.

Nicole – Waltherson

Well keep calling 📞police when I see 👀something suspicious .👀. 👀. 👀

Tiombe – Edmondson Village

I’m going to vote for Mary Washington for Mayor. Also, this questionnaire has numerous grammatical errors and is rife with leading questions.

Mag – Garwyn Oaks

I sold my home and am moving my family away from the city. I was a community leader and advocate for decades in the city, and I am disgusted at the current state of leadership. Corruption and abuse is rampant in the police department, neither Commissioner Harrison nor the Internal Affairs Department seem capable of investigating issues within BPD; city leaders spend more time at photo ops and squabbling among themselves than resolving issues; and some of the City Delegation are just as bad.

Natasza – Violetville

To combat crime squeegeeing should be against the law. No one should touch your vehicle. Jobs won’t get rid of crime. It should be responsible of the parents. Held accountable.

Barbara –

Vote the rascals out office starting at the top.

RW – Rosemont Homeowners / Tenants

Do better please

Thia – Edmondson Village

I’m changing my party to Republican. I can no longer trust the democrats to fix this horrible mess in our city.

marla – Overlea

People were more upset about a crabcake than the 300 milestone mark of murders. I am irate.

Baltimore City Resident at WBFF Town Hall –