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Community Survey

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Baltimore has over 600,000 people living in 14 districts. We want to gain a better understanding of how you feel about where you live. Our survey should take no more than 2-3 minutes. Please select yes or no next to each question and don’t forget to leave a comment! Please view our submission guidelines before submitting your survey.

City Survey

Contact Information


Is the city getting worse? *
Is crime your number 1 concern? *
Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? *
Do you believe police will protect you and your neighbors? *
If you had the resources, would you pay for private security to keep you and your family safe? *
Has the value of your property decreased? *
Have you ever seen or met your councilperson? *
Do you think your councilperson is responsible for the current conditions (crime, trash, infrastructure, taxes, schools) *


Are you satisfied with your child's school? *
Are you satisfied with the performance of the Baltimore City public school system? *
Do you think your councilperson should be held responsible for the condition of your child’s school? *
Would you prefer to send your child to a private, charter, or catholic school? *
Has your child been a victim of a crime or abuse in a city school? (see below) *
If you are a teacher or employee at a city school, have you been assaulted? *
Did you know the state of Pennsylvania took over the Harrisburg City schools? *
Do you think that the state of Maryland should take over Baltimore City schools? *
Do you think Baltimore City schools should be 100% transparent with how they spend your tax dollars? *
Do you think there should be a forensic audit of the Baltimore City schools? *
Do you watch Fox 45’s Project Baltimore? *


Baltimore City’s budget is more than $3 billion, 10,000 employees, and more than 600,000 residents.
Do you believe Baltimore City leaders are committed to transparency? *
Do you believe elected officials should be required to be 100% transparent? *
Would you support a financial audit of Baltimore City government? *
Would you hire a convicted felon to run your business or the city of Baltimore? *
Do you trust the current elected leaders to run Baltimore? *

What are you going to do about this?

Has your child been abused? If so, where? when? what school? what grade?

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